Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Pro-Bono Advisory

Wonderloop – Social Tech Start-up

Wonderloop is a social media mobile application which aims at connecting people and social entrepreneurs through video profiles.

Wonderloop endeavors to serve as a global platform providing an intimate and personal environment empowering people with common interests to foster and enable collaborative efforts. Wonderloop’s proposition capitalizes on the limitless possibilities to drive social change through the evolution of information technology. The social introductions and interchange enabled at Wonderloop go beyond personal and business benefits with primary focus on driving and influencing social change globally.

Wonderloop is founded by Hanna Aase, a Norwegian entrepreneur who specializes in what´s next for social media. She co-founded the first start-up TV show in Norway and built her first social media company at the age of 24. She is inspired by millennial leaders, social impact investing and was nominated by Salesforce to Peter Thiel´s Retreat for top 100 technology change makers.

ValuStrat’s Pro-Bono Advisory team worked closely with the Wonderloop team on the financial and strategic planning of the project.

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