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ValuStrat has connected with HILCO Industrial through a joint venture in 2012 to offer industrial Asset Divestment services in 11 countries in the Middle East. HILCO is one of the world’s largest, most experienced, multi-class industrial Asset Divestment company. In 2011 alone, HILCO conducted over 100 industrial asset disposition sales with gross sale revenues approaching US $1 Billion.  Assets from 53 countries were sold into over 60 countries.

Our team for the Hilco-ValuStrat joint-venture consists of industry professionals with proven know-how in specific and critical areas of expertise in this business including used industrial equipment, marketing practices, legal support, auction sale set-up and sale negotiations. This specialized team creates significant efficiencies in the operations of both buyers and sellers, offering numerous sales methodologies such as auctions, private treaty sales and sealed bid sales. The type of sale applied is determined by criteria such as industry, 

such as industry, asset specifications, quantity and location of the equipment, time frame and market place.


Hilco’s vast capital, global infrastructure and creative financial approach make it the logical choice for valuation and disposition projects. We also eliminate risk and maximize returns for companies in transition or winding down through capital infusions and creative financial structures.


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Auctions   Explore

Hilco-ValuStrat offers a range of different auction sales; Webcast, Online and On-Site Auctions.

Private Treaty Sales   Explore
Private Treaty Sales

Certain specialized assets are best sold through face-to-face with a single potential buyer or a relatively small group of buyers with a common interest in the asset.

Sealed Bid Sales   Explore
Sealed Bid Sales

Certain assets yield the best recoveries when sold through a sealed-bid auction, also called a tender sale.