Real Estate

ValuStrat has been a leading real estate consultant in the region, advising on a large number of projects, especially in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of current market trends that govern the real estate industry.

Strong crude prices over many years have played a significant role in boosting the economic growth of GCC nations, and even now, oil is still the major contributor to the GCC economies. However, there has been a gradual shift in focus away from a reliance on the hydrocarbon sector and towards diversification. This shift has given a significant boost to various sectors, with the most important being the real estate and construction sectors.

The UAE real estate market is one of the most significant in the region. After the significant slowdown of 2008, increased property prices and rents, and rental yields higher than most global markets have brought investors back to the markets. In general, the real estate market for the country has been quite buoyant and was further boosted by UAE winning the Expo 2020 bid.

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