Valuation of an upcoming European styled boutique upscale 5-star hotel resort, which is part of an extensive hospitality destination project in progress


Inspection and valuation of the sugar refining facility for their internal management decision making purposes in view of potential disposal of the assets

Food & Beverages

Valuation of the new 50-storey high prime mixed-use / residential tower in London

Real Estate

Valuation of an entire retail development, including the shopping mall, hotel, and entertainment complex


Believing in sector specialisation, we have dedicated departments in commercial, residential, industrial, automotive and business valuation.

Our valuation reports are regularly utilised by over 90 of the largest financial institutions in the region.

Property valuations are provided on all asset classes and in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Red Book – in addition to IFRS and other regional requirements such as TAQEEM compliant valuations.

Furthermore, ValuStrat is proud to be an RICS Regulated Firm and the first firm in all of MENA/Asia/Africa to be accepted into the prestigious RICS Tech Affiliate program now known as ‘RICS Tech Partner’, a reflection of the role technology plays in our company and the proprietary solutions that we offer.

We provide valuations for all purposes, including: audit / accounting compliance, secured finance, secured lending, IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) implementation, due diligence, IPO, NAV – for investment & wealth funds, REITs, etc., insurance, internal management, legal, mergers & acquisitions, company re-structuring, taxation, litigation, disposal / divestment, sale advice, insolvency and purchase price allocation.

Commercial Real Estate Valuations

We offer commercial property valuation services for all type of assets throughout the region including offices, retail, mixed-use buildings, hospitality, leisure, educational, vacant land, staff accommodation, master plan developments and healthcare sectors. With extensive experience in portfolio reporting, we provide companies with accurate on-time valuations of extensive property holdings. Our client base includes financial institutions, investment funds & REITs, government entities, corporations and a host of global players.

Our understanding of the regional capital and investment sectors, market dynamics, and the commercial real estate market’s performance, allows us to provide reliable property valuation advice tailored to your needs.

As one of the most reputed asset valuation and real estate appraisal services groups in the region, managed by qualified RICS Registered Valuers, we have the ability, experience and resources to service complex real estate properties and portfolios. As an RICS Regulated Firm, all our commercial real estate appraisal reports are in accordance with the Red Book.

Our clients rely on our advice to make financial decisions, assess risk and ensure they adopt the correct management of their property interests. Property valuation reports are undertaken for audit, finance, transactional, IPO, NAV (investment & wealth funds, REITs), insurance and internal management purposes.

We carry out full inspection, desk-top and drive-by based commercial property valuations across the region for all assets including:

  • Offices – office parks, whole buildings and single suites
  • Retail – landmark regional malls, suburban centres and single shop units
  • Hospitality – such as luxury hotels, holiday resorts and serviced apartment offerings
  • Educational – from pre-school through to primary/secondary and third level institutions
  • Healthcare – such as hospitals & clinics
  • Mixed-use properties – especially high-rise developments
  • Leisure assets – theme parks, golf clubs, water parks, health clubs and marinas
  • Master plan development land
  • Energy efficient green buildings
  • Staff accommodations
  • Agricultural holdings – to include farmlands, buildings, crops & machinery
  • Self-Storage
  • Telecom & data storage facilities
  • Student Housing

Residential Real Estate Valuations

Our team of RICS certified valuers undertake residential real estate valuations in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Our valuation reports conform to the highest professional standards including The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Red Book and other regional requirements, such as TAQEEM in KSA and the Dubai Land Department. With over four decades of valuation experience, we offer some of the fastest full inspection valuations through our proprietary tool – ValuStrat Speedy. Financial institutions have grown to trust our extensive and deep market knowledge and welcome our efficient administration procedures and short turnaround times. This efficiency offers our banking customers distinct commercial advantage in moving to customer loan offer in a significantly shorter time. We also complete large desk-top portfolio valuations on banks’ entire asset books. Not only that we also offer our clients an option of opting for a drive-by or desk-top based RICS valuation report.

Our valuation data forms the backbone of our proprietary property price monitor – ValuStrat Price Index (VPI). The tool uses market intelligence derived from our qualified valuation team, advisory and research departments, strategic partners and global networks.

We undertake in-depth research assignments, working closely with industry professionals to ensure we are up-to-date with current market activity and transactions. This enables us to identify changing trends and provide accurate residential property appraisals, reflective of market conditions.

Supported by our cutting-edge valuation software, we follow stringent reporting and approval processes. Our ability to draw on the resources available through our network of research analysts and industry specialists allows us to further add value to our clients.

Real Estate valuation reports are undertaken for audit, finance, transactional, IPO, NAV (investment & wealth funds, REITs), insurance and internal management purposes.

We carry out sales and rental valuations across the region, for both freehold and local ownership locations on all residential property types including:

  • Villas & townhouses
  • Apartments
  • High rise residential towers
  • Palaces
  • Residential compounds
  • Off-plan & under-construction properties
  • Residential development land – single plots & master plans

In addition, our team delivers bespoke valuation and pricing studies to suit our clients’ needs. We publish monthly and quarterly reports covering the Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets as well as providing bespoke research reports on request.

Industrial Real Estate Valuations

Our RICS certified valuers deliver market value and fair value opinions for all industrial property, suitable for regulatory and transactional applications. Our clients receive a robust opinion – supported by in-house occupational and investment market participation, delivered under a trusted global brand, within an agreed timetable and at a competitive price.

Our dedicated industrial real estate valuations team uses its global and multi-sector experience and knowledge of local real estate markets to provide an accurate, reliable and timely assessment of your property’s value. Our RICS valuation reports are globally accepted and are based on full-inspection, desk-top and drive-by approaches.

We perform valuations for single assets, local & global portfolios as well as a range of property types:

  • Factory buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Production facilities including oil & gas, power facilities
  • Distribution depots
  • Onshore / offshore maritime facilities
  • Aviation facilities
  • Industrial land
  • Factory sheds
  • Loading bay
  • Manufacturing plants including fertiliser, plastic, chemical, and metal manufacturing
  • Industrial plants
  • Packaging facilities
  • Moreover, based on our experience of working with administrators/liquidators in the valuation of industrial real estate assets, we also provide valuations for the purpose of liquidation.

Brand & Intangible Assets Valuations

Our brand valuation consultants provide intangible asset valuations such as brands, intellectual property, copyrights, patents etc. which is an important factor in the context of cross border mergers, acquisitions, joint-venture arrangements and for investment and lending decisions.

Brand value, along with other intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, licenses and intellectual property, are often a company’s most valuable assets. Given this importance, a brand valuation is critical to fully understand and monitor brand equity and to identify opportunities to realise growth potential. In legal issues such as trademark disputes, or brand transactions such as M&A and licensing, a sound brand valuation is necessary to make informed decisions or negotiate better deals.

With ValuStrat’s diverse team of consultants, we can also advise on various complementary angles – such as brand positioning and marketing, finance and accounting, brand management, and brand strategy.

Plant, Machinery & Equipment Valuations

For over 40 years, ValuStrat has been providing multi-asset class valuation services to clients from all sectors. Whether it is construction equipment, industrial & processing plants or other complex machinery or engineering assets, we cover them all. Plant, Machinery & Equipment Valuation is one of the key services offered by our Industrial Consulting division to clients across the world who would like to benefit from our valuation and technical expertise. Our valuation reports are widely accepted by banks, insurance companies, and private clients throughout the Middle East, UK, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

ValuStrat offers an in-depth knowledge and experience of all asset categories of plant and machinery across all industries & sectors, including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Metal including Steel, Aluminium
  • Power
  • Telecom
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare – Clinics & Hospitals
  • Chemicals & Petrochemical
  • Aviation
  • Railway
  • Entertainment
  • FMCG
  • Marine
  • Utilities including District Cooling, Waste Treatment Plants (Sewage, Water, Effluent, etc.)
  • Heavy Vehicles & Construction Equipment
  • F&B
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Plastics & Paints
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Cement & Glass

Clients value our technical knowledge and specialist advice. Whether for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions, or pre-sale advice, we have the depth of expertise to help you make informed decisions. Our detailed reports are prepared as per RICS standards outlining every single aspect covered under valuation. Our valuers provide on-site inspection-based valuation reports for clients who are in or have assets in the Middle East and UK. ValuStrat’s valuers considers various factors such as technical depreciation, physical, technological, and functional obsolescence, while employing our internal platform and MIS to analyse a company’s fixed asset records. Being a global valuation entity with a comprehensive database, multi-sector valuer expertise, we can provide a unique proposition which gives an optimal combination of detailed reporting, value, and faster TATs.

Clients engage our plant, machinery & equipment appraisal services for:

  • Asset Backed Financing
  • Leasing/Releasing
  • Insurance Purposes
  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Implementation
  • Audit/Accounting Compliance
  • Due Diligence/Cost Investigation
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Disposal/Divestment
  • Sale Advice & Insolvency
  • Litigation/Legal Dispute

Besides, they also engage us for undertaking evaluation of Market Value, Fair Value, Residual Value, Reinstatement Value, Distress Sale Value, Liquidation Value along with assessment of Residual Life for the assets under consideration.

We provide plant, machinery & equipment valuation services for all types of assets in the UK through our wholly owned group entity, Capital Chartered – RICS Regulated Chartered Surveying firm in the UK. Capital Chartered was founded in 2009 and has established an excellent reputation in the market over the last 12 years for providing accurate professional advice across its service range to 4,000+ clients comprising of lending institutions, wealth managers, solicitors, private individuals and many others.

Heavy Equipment

With an increase in demand from financing and leasing companies for independent valuation of construction equipment, trucks, trailers, logistics-related vehicles, our specialised team of RICS valuers provide heavy equipment valuations. We have precise knowledge of asset specifications including engine types, chassis, makes, model, etc. and the technical know-how to develop the correct valuation reports for any requirement.

Our range of heavy equipment appraisal services include:

  • Heavy Transportation Vehicle (HTV) valuations of assets such as trucks, buses and trailers
  • Heavy equipment valuations of assets such as forklifts and cranes
  • Construction equipment valuations of assets such as mixers, dozers, graders, and excavators
  • Other logistics related vehicle valuations

Desktop Valuation of Plant, Machinery & Equipment

In addition to a full appraisal based on the physical survey of assets, we also provide ‘Desktop Valuations’ for Plant, Machinery & Equipment whenever a physical inspection is not possible or feasible, or perhaps when it is really not required, e.g., if the assets have been already surveyed recently and just an updated valuation is required. Desktop Valuations is one of the key services offered by our Industrial Consulting division to clients across the world who would like to benefit from our valuation and technical expertise, but don’t require the assistance for surveys.

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Being online/desk-top, our proposition offers significant cost savings as we utilise our internal capabilities, expertise, know-how and databases to derive asset values remotely without having the need to physically inspect an asset. Besides the cost benefit, it also aims to improve turnaround times for report deliveries as on-site visits are not required, helping clients reach to better decisions at a faster pace. Our Industrial Consulting division with a team of RICS certified valuers have combined technical and practical industrial experience across all industry sectors to undertake reliable and accurate desktop-based plant, machinery and equipment appraisals.

Our detailed reports are prepared as per RICS & IFRS standards outlining every single aspect covered under valuation. Our valuers provide desk-top valuation reports for clients who are based in or have assets located in Africa, UK, Europe, South America and Asia. Our valuers consider various factors such as technical depreciation, physical, technological, and functional obsolescence, while employing our internal platform and MIS to analyse a company’s fixed asset records. Being a global valuation entity with a comprehensive database, multi-sector valuation expertise, we can provide a unique proposition which gives an optimal combination of comprehensive reporting, value, and faster TATs.

Automobile & Heavy Equipment Valuations

With an increase in demand from banks and leasing companies for the independent valuation of automobiles (cars, LTV, HTV), construction equipment, trucks, trailers and other logistics related vehicles, we have an expert team of surveyors who specialise in this line of work. These experts have precise knowledge of specifications such as engine types, chassis, make, model etc., and the technical know-how to develop the correct automobile valuation reports for any requirement.

Our range of automobile valuations include:

  • Car valuations
  • LTV and HTV valuations
  • Heavy equipment valuations
  • Construction equipment valuations
  • Truck and trailer valuations
  • Other logistics related vehicle valuations

Our automobile and heavy equipment valuation reports are based on physical inspections carried out first-hand by our surveyors and facts collected during the survey. Through our proprietary iPad-based software and technology system, detailed valuation reports including photographs are provided as quickly as 3 hours from the survey. The valuations are accurately based on the factors governing the present-day market value. Moreover, we also offer the option of desk-top valuation of assets where we provide valuation of assets based on condition, life cycle, and model without physically observing the asset.

Declan King, MRICS MSCSI Managing Director and Group Head, Real Estate
Jang Shabbir Managing Director & Head of Real Estate, KSA
Pawel Banach, FRICS Director & General Manager, Qatar

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