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Khalid Umerani, Head of Industrial Divestments

Khalid Umerani recently joined the ValuStrat team to actively promote the HILCO – ValuStrat JV Partnership’s Asset Disposal department to clients in the Middle East Region.  Khalid brings a wealth of knowledge, including technical, sales & marketing and project management.  Khalid is uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of managing and growing this new Asset Disposal venture, and is in charge of its day-to-day operations. Khalid’s primary role in his new position is to seek industrial plants, machineries & assets within the middle east region for sale worldwide.  Our new Asset Monetization Service (incl. acquisition of surplus and under-performing assets) utilizes webcast, online and on-site auctions, sealed bid tenders and private treaty sales to maximize asset values.

Khalid‘s past experience has been in the engineering design, field inspections and construction management aspects of Civil Engineering projects.  He’s been extensively involved in the structural design of concrete, steel and wood structures, and was intimately engaged with constructing tall pre-stressed concrete buildings and parking lots.

For the last many years, he’s focused on the sales & service aspects of insurance business, dealing heavily with calculations of actual cash values & replacement costs for structures.  He’s thoroughly experienced in the integration of risk assessment, and risk perception with risk management strategies.

Khalid is a U.S. citizen, & holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from The George Washington University, and a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from The University of Illinois.  He’s an active member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) and NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers), both in the USA.