Valuations and Appraisals

Contactless Valuations – Qatar

Changing times call for a shift in processes. Hence, as part of our efforts to ensure the safety of our employees and clients we are now introducing ‘contactless valuations’. This means offering the same high reporting standards as always, but instead of the usual full-inspection we are producing all reports through a desk-top approach.

Key features of our contactless valuations:

  • Most asset groups covered – office, retail, mixed-use, industrial, residential, education, healthcare, hospitality, off-plan/under construction, vacant land, plant , machinery & heavy equipment . Where appropriate to subject asset and purpose of valuation
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing as compared to full inspection report
  • Speciality in high volume multiple report assignments
  • Detailed reporting covering all aspects that are covered in a full inspection report (subject to reporting restraints of a desk-top approach)
  • Expert reporting knowledge across Qatar
  • Connected with over 90+ financial institutions in the region
  • Valuer expertise in desk-top appraisals
  • Vigorous quality control system with peer review and final departmental audit check
  • All reports are in accordance with RICS Red Book & IFRS
  • ValuStrat is an RICS Regulated Firm – with approximately 40 years in the region and 7 years in Qatar
  • Strong synergy between teams through enhanced intranet
  • Client meetings and auditor reviews through video conferencing

Desktop Valuation of Plant, Machinery & Equipment

As part of our contactless valuation services, we also provide ‘Desktop Valuations’ for Plant, Machinery & Equipment which is feasible for clients when physical surveys are not required. Being online/desk-top, our proposition offers significant cost savings as we utilise our internal capabilities, expertise, know-how and databases to derive asset values remotely without having the need to physically inspect an asset. Besides the cost benefit, it also aims to improve turnaround times for report deliveries as on-site visits are not required, helping clients reach to better decisions at a faster pace. Our Industrial Consulting division with a team of RICS certified valuers have combined technical and practical industrial experience across all industry sectors to undertake reliable and accurate desktop-based plant, machinery and equipment appraisals. Our detailed reports are prepared as per RICS & IFRS standards outlining every single aspect covered under valuation. Our valuers provide desk-top valuation reports for clients who are based in or have assets located in Africa, UK, Europe, South America and Asia. Our valuers consider various factors such as technical depreciation, physical, technological, and functional obsolescence, while employing our internal platform and MIS to analyse a company’s fixed asset records. Being a global valuation entity with a comprehensive database, multi-sector valuation expertise, we can provide a unique proposition which gives an optimal combination of comprehensive reporting, value, and faster TATs.