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Hilco-ValuStrat offers a range of different auction sales; Webcast, Online and On-Site Auctions.  By selecting the proven-best methodology or combination of methodologies, Hilco consistently delivers higher recoveries more quickly.

On-Site auctions are traditional live auctions where bidders go to the auction site and bid in person.  Webcast Auctions are live auctions that are broadcast worldwide via the Internet. Bidders can either log on via the web and bid by phone, alternatively they can physically go to the auction site and bid in person. Hilco offer bidders a unique advantage where the bidder can speak directly to the auctioneer through a live toll-free conference call when bidding. This gives bidders the feeling of being “on the auction floor” with the bidders in the room.  Finally, Online Auctions are timed sales where bidders register and compete for an item over a designated period of time. These sales are similar to Ebay auctions where no onsite bidding is offered.

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