Real Estate Consulting

The real estate market is more than just bricks and mortar; it's the heartbeat of global urban progression. It reflects society's changing desires, from towering skyscrapers and commercial complexes to peaceful suburban homes. As populations shift and tastes evolve, this dynamic sector presents a landscape of challenges and opportunities for the global business environment.

Even though challenges such as economic downturns, geopolitical tensions, environmental concerns and recent health crises have tested the real estate sector, however, it has consistently demonstrated resilience. Yet, within these challenges lie substantial opportunities. Technological advancements usher new avenues for smart, sustainable developments while emerging economies' urbanisation trends beckon vast growth potential. Moreover, burgeoning global population growth continually elevates the demand for urban and suburban spaces, reshaping the sector's expansive trajectory. These opportunities are evident from the recent data from the Global Real Estate Institute, that the worldwide market, valued at a considerable USD 3.7 trillion in 2022, is on track to rise to USD 4.3 trillion by 2025, indicating a promising growth trend.

This growth can be attributed to:

  • Increase in global population leading to demand for various housing options – from luxury to communal housing
  • The appeal of urban environments draws individuals to city centres in pursuit of better career opportunities and lifestyle possibilities
  • The influence of technological innovations on living spaces and infrastructure – an appetite towards green housing and environmentally friendly designs

Similarly, the Middle East region presents notable potential for the real estate sector. Booming economies and consistent demand across residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality segments suggest an optimistic outlook for the region's real estate growth. However, real estate extends beyond mere infrastructure. It encompasses employment opportunities, urban development, and economic stability. Its capacity for consistent returns positions it as a favourable investment avenue.

In today's dynamic property market, the expertise of real estate advisory and valuation consultants is invaluable. These professionals bring in-depth market knowledge, analytical prowess, and an unbiased perspective to aid developers, investors, and end-users make well-informed decisions. As the real estate sector grapples with regulatory shifts, market fluctuations, and technological disruptions, these consultants offer data-driven insights to navigate these complexities. They interpret not just bricks and mortar but the nuanced influence of technology and sustainability on property value. Additionally, real estate development advisory consultants delve deep into the feasibility, strategic fit, current market review, forecasted performance, and global economics to ensure that capital-intensive development projects are viable and future-proof. As the terrain of property development becomes more multifaceted, with regulatory challenges and evolving consumer demands, their insights become the gold standard for developers. Looking ahead, as our urban landscapes transform further, these consultants will be the compass, directing the sector towards prosperous opportunities amidst the challenges.

At ValuStrat, our team of real advisory consultants and RICS valuation experts with global and regional expertise understand the complexities of this sector. Our consultants support real estate firms in crucial areas, including: 

  • Valuation of commercial, residential, luxury and industrial properties
  • Feasibility studies for real estate projects and for real estate firms
  • Development advisory for real estate projects, cities, and other key economic initiatives
  • Highest and best use analysis for vacant land
  • Real estate portfolio optimisations
  • Due diligence of real estate companies
  • Business plans for real estate firms
  • Bespoke and periodic real estate market research, including monthly and quarterly analysis
  • In-depth market intelligence of the real estate sector in UAE and Qatar through the ValuStrat Price Index
  • Transaction advisory to corporate clients for commercial and residential real estate deals
  • Real estate development forensic assessment

The next decade poses intriguing challenges for the real estate sector. There is a growing expectation that climate change might impact property development and valuations, urging a reassessment of location strategies and adaptive architectural measures. Economic uncertainty, intensified by geopolitical tensions and possible financial disruptions, could affect property demand and valuation. The swift momentum of technological innovations has the potential to redefine property value propositions significantly as remote work and online commerce modify conventional workspace and retail expectations. Furthermore, changing generational perspectives towards property ownership necessitate a fresh approach, aligning with values of flexibility, sustainability, and functionality rather than mere size or luxury.

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