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Oil & Gas Consulting


The oil and gas sector is adapting to technological advancements, sustainability demands, and evolving market dynamics. This involves a shift from traditional practices to the integration of innovative technologies. The industry is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the current and future states of global energy and economic landscapes, balancing economic growth and sustainability.

The oil and gas sector, contributing about 3.8% to global GDP, remains central to the economy and energy provision, even with the rise of renewables. The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts fossil fuel demand peaking by 2030, with global oil demand reaching 93 million barrels per day, then declining to 55 million by 2050, assuming all energy and climate commitments are met. In the MENA region, known for vast oil reserves, growth is expected through increased investments in new technologies and sustainability. The Middle East's strategic position and resource richness significantly influence regional and global energy strategies.

Beyond energy production, the industry drives innovation, affects global politics, and is crucial for economic stability. It plays a major role in employment and R&D, impacting global and regional scales. Oil and gas consultants, especially specialising in strategic planning and business advisory are essential in guiding market adaptations, technological integration, and sustainable business development in this evolving landscape. At ValuStrat, our commitment is to empower oil and gas entities and institutions to navigate these evolving paradigms and capitalise on emerging opportunities. We can support companies through the following oil and gas consulting services:

  • Market entry and expansion strategies: Guiding businesses in entering new markets or expanding in existing ones, taking into account geopolitical, environmental, and economic factors
  • Strategic planning: Assisting in long-term planning and adaptation to market changes
  • Market research: Comprehensive research to understand market trends, demand forecasts, and competitor strategies
  • Company and asset valuations: Determining the fair market value of businesses for mergers, acquisitions, or investment purposes, valuation of oil and gas assets, considering market trends and future revenue potential
  • M&A strategy and support: Offering expertise in mergers and acquisitions, from strategy formulation to execution, ensuring alignment with overall business objectives
  • Financial analysis: Thorough examination of financial records to ensure transparency and identify potential risks or opportunities
  • Policy impact assessment: Analysing the implications of policy changes and environmental regulations on operations and long-term strategy
  • Operational excellence: Enhancing efficiency in processes like extraction, refining, and distribution, aiming for cost reduction and productivity improvement
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensuring adherence to regional and international regulatory frameworks, essential for sustainable operations and risk mitigation

Like other industries, the oil and gas market is undergoing digitalisation, tighter environmental regulations, and shifting global energy demands. Success for industry leaders hinges on understanding these evolving dynamics to navigate industry complexities and capitalise on new opportunities effectively. The path forward requires a clear focus on sustainability, leveraging technological innovation, and implementing flexible forward-thinking strategies. This approach will enable oil and gas companies to achieve sustainable economic growth and meet global environmental obligations in a rapidly changing energy landscape.