Organisation Restructuring

Development of a new operating model and organisation structure for this group comprising gyms, sports tourism and event management subsidiaries

Sports Management Services
Turnaround Strategy

Turnaround advisory for a resort, with advise relating to expanded development and refurbishing of the resort, before change of operator

Growth Strategy

Market analysis, growth strategy and development of ideas for diversification and additional attractions to generate higher revenues

Transaction Advisory

Development of the Financial Model and Investment Memorandum for the acquisition of cell towers


Strategic advisory is essential for businesses to navigate market uncertainties, adapt to evolving trends, and capitalise on growth opportunities. Drawing on our extensive experience in over 15 industries, we offer bespoke strategic advice to our clients. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of each client's unique context and objectives. We provide in-depth market and competitive analysis, financial modelling, investment advisory, strategy development and implementation. Our team's cross-industry insights empower clients to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence.

As businesses seek growth opportunities in new markets, having a well-crafted market entry strategy becomes increasingly important. A market entry strategy offers a clear, comprehensive, and insightful framework to navigate the complexities of market expansion, ensuring your business's successful growth in new territories...

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Kevin Sidebottom Managing Director, Advisory
Yousuf Siddiki, CFA, CPA Managing Partner, KSA
Khurram Merchant Managing Director, Advisory

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