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Technical Feasibility Study

Industrial Consulting

ValuStrat is well-equipped in carrying out technical feasibility study engagements. Our experts evaluate projects to determine the technical feasibility. The resulting work will not be designed for commercial use but may later be incorporated into future work.

Through a technical feasibility study, we can evaluate the project’s potential for success into:

  • the development of new products
  • the improvement/redesign or development of existing products
  • investigating the potential or application of new technology
  • researching and developing a project proposal for submission for funding

The purpose of the study is to provide the necessary information to enable your company to come to firm conclusions regarding the project’s viability.

Typical elements involved in carrying out a technical feasibility study may include:

  • Technology, topology, material evaluation and selection
  • Manufacturing process assessment
  • Design and prototyping
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Cost analysis

Connect with our experts in Technical Feasibility Study. We’re always looking to work on new perspectives, new research and new ideas.