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Asset Divestment

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In the ever-challenging tides of today's business environment, asset divestment services provide you with the right means to survive and thrive, helping you manage the most complex situations with utmost diligence and integrity.

Asset divestment refers to the process of selling, liquidating, or otherwise relinquishing an organisation's assets or subsidiaries. It is a strategic decision usually taken to improve financial performance, streamline operations, or refocus the company's core business.

Asset divestment is a significant aspect of financial and strategic management. Divestment is often a prudent path for companies looking to pivot, streamline, or restructure their operations. Not only can it provide liquidity to re-invest in core operations or emerging opportunities, but it can also aid in reducing debt and, thus, enhance financial health. Furthermore, a thoughtful divestment strategy can be beneficial for businesses under market or regulatory pressures.

At ValuStrat, our asset divestment consultants have the right expertise to provide an assessment of divestment options, valuation of assets, handling the transaction process, management of market auctions, and coordination with legal, tax, and regulatory bodies. Our focus is on divesting assets and ensuring a holistic value preservation and growth approach. Our industrial asset divestment services are offered through our JV with HILCO Industrial, allowing us to serve clients all over the Middle East.

Being one of the world's largest and most experienced multi-class industrial asset divestment companies, HILCO, in 2011 alone, conducted over 100 industrial asset disposition sales with gross sales of USD 1 billion.

Our team for the Hilco-ValuStrat joint venture consists of industry professionals with proven know-how in specific and critical areas of expertise in this business, including used industrial equipment, marketing practices, legal support, auction sale set-up and sale negotiations. With a proven track record in managing complex assets and larger transactions effectively and efficiently, ensuring that clients can realise the maximum potential value of their industrial assets. Hilco-ValuStrat offers a range of other auction sales: webcast, online and on-site auctions.

This specialised JV team creates significant efficiencies in the operations of both buyers and sellers, offering numerous sales methodologies such as auctions, private treaty sales and sealed bid sales. The type of sale applied is determined by criteria such as industry, asset specifications, quantity and location of the equipment, time frame and marketplace. This process of divestment of assets offers our clients the maximum potential value for their industrial assets.

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