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Technical Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Our team of engineers analyse the condition, reliability, level of maintenance, suitability and other relevant technical aspects of plant, machinery, and equipment for the benefit of potential acquirers, investors and financiers.

This specialised service is especially relevant for transactions involving mergers, acquisitions, and project financing in a variety of sectors. In addition to the usual financial and legal due diligence required for such transactions, technical due diligence is often a key requirement to provide comfort to the parties involved in the project.

We provide our technical due diligence services for various industries & sectors:


  • Production facilities and factories across many sectors
  • Warehouses and other industrial buildings & structures
  • Infrastructure development for industries

Real Estate

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial projects including hotels, malls, office buildings etc.
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Infrastructure projects

The typical scope of work for Technical Due Diligence is as follows:

  • Condition analysis of plant & machinery
  • Assessment of condition of buildings and structures
  • Verification of production capacity
  • Technical capability of the facility to support the projected growth plan meaning to evaluate if the plant is capable enough to undertake the required increase in production as projected by the client
  • Overall plant metrics (operating condition/process flow, etc.) and proffer potential solutions, if applicable.
  • Assessment of the risk in view of the plant’s & its core assets suitability for future upgrades, improvements or potential expansion possibilities.
  • Assessment of level and quality of maintenance
  • Estimation of future maintenance and repair costs
  • Estimation of potential replacement costs of irreparable assets
  • Evaluating key risks to the production facility and/or building structures
  • Reviewing compliance with industry standards
  • Assessment of technology, project cost and defined implementation schedule
  • Evaluating Technical and / or Functional Obsolescence related to facility, plant, machinery and equipment
  • Claim Dispute Evaluation

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