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Entertainment Consulting


At ValuStrat we believe that entertainment is a vital part of a pleasant community. We are equally thrilled when visiting an entertainment complex as we are on advising them. At ValuStrat, we provide expert advice on the development of entertainment complexes with regards to market needs and financial viability.

The entertainment industry is growing exponentially. The world is becoming increasingly industrialized, and recreation-seekers on the whole have greater amounts of both time and disposable income to spend on entertainment. The vast entertainment industry encompasses around 18 unique sectors and within each sector, there are numerous further sub-sectors providing countless entertainment products, worth over USD 1.7 trillion in 2015 and is set to rise to USD 2.14 trillion by 2020. Quite simply, the accumulated worth of all the sub-sectors of the entertainment industry makes it one of the largest industries in the world, even without considering the multiplier effect that it is accountable for. Further, the number of sectors in the entertainment industry will increase even more in future years, as tastes change, technology advances and products diversify, producing new specializations in each sub-sector.