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Primary & Secondary Research


ValuStrat’s market research team conducts tailor-made research for our client’s unique and varied requirements. The market research is conducted as part of an overall strategic advisory assignment such as a financial feasibility analysis or can be done independently to provide value added information to our clients for their various decision making processes.

At ValuStrat, we specialise in the following:

  • Primary Research – Involves collection of data directly by our experienced staff through direct interviews with the target audience.
  • Secondary Research – Utilisation of reliable existing databases, published sources and other useful statistical date on the internet to collate relevant information centric to the client’s industry. With our extensive expertise and access to key restricted information through our special contracts with relevant institutions, we are able to differentiate with our data provision.

Our consultants utilise sophisticated analytical and statistical methods to collect and analyse the data intelligently.

At ValuStrat, we cover the following critical elements of market research such as data and analysis of market size, needs, preferences, characteristics, regulatory environment, competition, demand supply gap; wherein we have in depth expertise in a variety of sectors across numerous markets within and outside GCC, understanding the local culture and trends which are detrimental.

We serve clients from multiple avenues across various industries serving both existing market players wanting to expand and seeking increased opportunities as well as entrepreneurs and SME’s entering the business world.

Whether it is entering a new market or targeting new customers, ValuStrat’s bespoke market research studies provide key information to our clients enabling them to attain competitive advantage.

Connect with our experts in Primary & Secondary Research. We’re always looking to work on new perspectives, new research and new ideas.