Valuation of an upcoming European styled boutique upscale 5-star hotel resort, which is part of an extensive hospitality destination project in progress


Inspection and valuation of the sugar refining facility for their internal management decision making purposes in view of potential disposal of the assets

Food & Beverages

Valuation of the new 50-storey high prime mixed-use / residential tower in London

Real Estate

Valuation of an entire retail development, including the shopping mall, hotel, and entertainment complex


Asset valuations are crucial for businesses to gauge their tangible and intangible assets' worth accurately. This is essential for decision-making, compliance, and ensuring optimal financial and strategic positioning in the market. We offer a robust and transparent process, with a comprehensive approach ensuring that clients receive a clear and precise valuation report adhering to RICS and TAQEEM standards. Our asset valuation services encompass both tangible assets, such as machinery and real estate, and intangible assets, including intellectual property and business goodwill. With a proven track record, our valuation services are trusted by over 120 financial institutions across the EMEA region.

What is valuation?

How is a valuation calculated?

What is the purpose of the valuation?

What are the different types of valuation?

Will my property be inspected during property valuation?

What are the methods for valuing a company?

What should valuation analysis include?

How to value a pre-revenue startup?
Declan King, MRICS MSCSI Managing Director and Group Head, Real Estate
Jang Shabbir Managing Director & Head of Real Estate, KSA
Pawel Banach, FRICS Director & General Manager, Qatar

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