Valuation of an upcoming European styled boutique upscale 5-star hotel resort, which is part of an extensive hospitality destination project in progress


Inspection and valuation of the sugar refining facility for their internal management decision making purposes in view of potential disposal of the assets

Food & Beverages

Valuation of the new 50-storey high prime mixed-use / residential tower in London

Real Estate

Valuation of an entire retail development, including the shopping mall, hotel, and entertainment complex


Believing in sector specialisation, we have dedicated departments in commercial, residential, industrial, automotive and business valuation. Our valuation reports are regularly utilised by over 120 of the largest financial institutions internationally. Property valuations are provided on all asset classes and in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Red Book – in addition to IFRS and other regional requirements such as TAQEEM compliant valuations Furthermore, ValuStrat is proud to be an RICS Regulated Firm and the first firm in all of MENA/Asia/Africa to be accepted into the prestigious RICS Tech Affiliate program now known as ‘RICS Tech Partner’, a reflection of the role technology plays in our company and the proprietary solutions that we offer. We provide valuations for all purposes, including: audit / accounting compliance, secured finance, secured lending, IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) implementation, due diligence, IPO, NAV – for investment & wealth funds, REITs, etc., insurance, internal management, legal, mergers & acquisitions, company re-structuring, taxation, litigation, disposal / divestment, sale advice, insolvency and purchase price allocation.

What is valuation?

There are several different forms. At its simplest, it is an opinion as to how much a willing buyer will pay a willing seller as at the date of valuation.

How is a valuation calculated?

It depends on the method of valuation, of which there are several. A typical house or apartment valuation will generally employ the Comparable Method – as such the valuer compares the subject property to sales price evidence of other similar properties and makes appropriate adjustments to come to a value. Commercial real estate is often valued by the Income Method – the estimated rental income the property can create is capitalised over a period of time, usually in a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), to arrive at an opinion of value. Vacant land can be valued by the Residual Method – this involves estimating how much the finished built project would be worth, then working backwards by deducting all development costs, to ascertain how much would reasonably be left for the land purchase. The Cost Method takes the value of the land, plus a depreciated cost of replacing the buildings, to best predict how much a buyer might pay for the property.

What is the purpose of valuation?

Valuations are most often required for lending purposes e.g. mortgage, annual accounts or transactional purposes. Other reasons one may need a valuation include legal, taxation and immigration.

What are the different types of valuation?

The most often used is Market Value – which simply refers to how much the willing buyer and seller mentioned above could be expected to pay each other as at the date of valuation. Other ‘Basis of Value’ include Market Rent, Fair Value and Investment Value.

Will my property be inspected?

It depends on the type of valuation arranged – choices are usually as follows:

What are the methods for valuing a company?

A business valuation estimates how much somebody would pay to enjoy the revenue streams a company is predicted to create.

What should valuation analysis include?

Valuation reports should clearly explain to the reader what the subject property comprises, the method of valuation employed, any assumptions made, and the rational and calculation inputs applied in arriving at the final opinion of value.
Declan King, MRICS MSCSI Managing Director and Group Head, Real Estate
Jang Shabbir Managing Director & Head of Real Estate, KSA
Pawel Banach, FRICS Director & General Manager, Qatar

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