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Healthcare Consulting


The healthcare industry, a key sector in the global economy, epitomises the convergence of technological advancement, human well-being, and societal change. It transcends beyond medical provision, encompassing patient care complexities, policy progress, and medical breakthroughs, all while navigating and shaping global health dynamics.

The global hospital services market is on an upward trajectory, with projections estimating it will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7% from 2022 to 2030 (according to Precedence Research), underscores the sector's response to innovation and evolving patient needs. Amidst this era of rapid transformation, the expansion of the industry is fuelled by a combination of factors: an ageing global population, an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, advancements in medical technology, and escalating healthcare expenditure.

The MENA healthcare market is poised for rapid growth over the next decade, propelled by significant government investments in infrastructure and a digital health revolution encompassing electronic health records, telehealth, and mobile health applications. A key regional trend is the shift towards preventive healthcare, driven by heightened awareness of lifestyle-related diseases and initiatives for healthy living and early detection. The sector benefits from growing public-private partnerships, which enhance service delivery and bring innovative healthcare models. However, challenges like the need for skilled professionals and regulatory reforms remain.

Technological advancements in AI, telemedicine, and personalised medicine are transforming patient care, providing tailored treatments and expanding access, particularly in remote areas. Recent global health events, including the pandemic, have accelerated these advancements, highlighting the sector's role in public health and economic stability and positioning the Middle Eastern market for dynamic growth and resilience.

In the complex healthcare market, the role of healthcare consultants is invaluable. At ValuStrat, our consultants provide strategic guidance through the intricacies of market and regulatory landscapes. Our services, tailored for this dynamic sector, include:

  • Strategic advisory: We develop comprehensive strategies aligning with a company's vision and healthcare trends, focusing on identifying growth opportunities, optimising operations and implementing innovative solutions
  • Valuations and due diligence: Our team offers expert assessments for assets and business valuations and potential investments, conducting thorough due diligence to guide informed decisions in mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships
  • Transaction advisory: We assist in the financial and strategic aspects of transactions, which are crucial for healthcare companies aiming to expand, merge, or acquire, ensuring alignment with long-term goals
  • Market research: Our in-depth research provides insights into market trends, customer needs, and competitor strategies, essential for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry
  • Industrial consulting: We provide specialised advice for the healthcare sector, addressing regulatory challenges, technological advancements, and operational specifics

The future of the healthcare industry is poised to be a remarkable fusion of innovation, personalised care, and advanced technology. As we look ahead, this sector is expected to evolve dramatically, shaped by AI-driven diagnostics, telemedicine, and breakthroughs in genomic medicine. The emphasis will likely shift towards preventive care powered by data analytics and smart health devices, all while enhancing patient engagement and healthcare accessibility globally.

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