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Customer Profile Validation (CPV) / Field Verification (FV) Services

Due Diligence

In the world of business, information is power. Knowing your customer, their location and their credibility is invaluable. Customer profile validation and field verification ensure that this information is accurate, unbiased and reliable.

Customer profile validation (CPV) and field verification (FV) services comprise methods used to validate the accuracy of customer information, particularly their physical location and identity. This validation is essential in various industries like banking, finance, and telecom.

The importance of CPV and FV services lies in their ability to mitigate risk. Inaccurate or fraudulent customer data can lead to significant losses and risk exposure. Verifying customer data is paramount to ensuring smooth operations and maintaining customer trust, from granting credit to delivering services.

At ValuStrat, our customer profile validation and field verification consultants ensure accurate, reliable data, mitigating the risk of fraud. They do this by verifying customer details against credible data sources and personal visits to the given physical addresses, authenticating the customer's existence at the provided address and generating thorough field verification reports and contact point verification reports. These are invaluable assets in understanding the authenticity of a customer's profile, thus making an unbiased and informed financial decision.

With our reports, clients can expect the following:

  • Bespoke report functionality, suited to each bank's requirements
  • 3-hour turn-around time
  • Comprehensive data analytics
  • Real-time connected team ensuring the faster geographic coverage
  • Dedicated call centre to ensure quick and efficient scheduling of field visits
  • Various electronic and physical quality control checks to ensure maximum data reliability
  • Supplemental visits to warehouses and branch offices of banks' clients for additional verification if required
  • Field visits and surveys can be planned or unannounced, as required by the bank
  • Proactive alert in the event of any suspicious activities
  • Provision to integrate with existing back-end process