ValuStrat provides value-added Deals Advisory services to support clients in their transactions for investments, mergers, acquisitions (M&A) and divestments to optimally deliver on client objectives deriving prime value from the transactions. Our ability to provide independent assessments on transactions helps us formulate advice based on vigilant evaluation of deal breakers, value drivers and synergistic opportunities.

We apply deep market knowledge and expertise in valuations and advisory to create a focused approach and methodology across all our services. Our outcome-oriented approach is to focus on the optimally viable, yet practical and efficient.

Our deal advisory consultants bring on board extensive and diversified M&A advisory and JV advisory experience from various previous engagements with an eye for various aspects of the deal cycle. Our proposition to deliver commercial success to our clients draws on anticipating and analysing latent consequences of any action. We think ahead to anticipate the outliers and the unexpected. We believe our success lies in our flexibility and ability to adapt to change – a proactive view that helps us identify opportunities and address risks better for our clients.

ValuStrat’s Deal Advisory team assists clients by offering a range of services from pre-transaction to post-transaction advisory including assistance in implementation and execution. Our range of services includes:

ValuStrat also provides technical due diligence services to verify the specifics of assets involved in a deal. This includes maintenance, remaining useful life, current condition, technology obsolescence etc.