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Project Monitoring

Industrial Consulting

At ValuStrat, we understand the importance of project implementation in accordance with the agreed parameters and the use of appropriate analytical tools to monitor the quality and progress of the various phases of a project. Our team of engineers and consultants visit the project site regularly and work with the client to closely monitor and report the project performance in terms of finance, time, risk, quality, regulatory approvals, and other relevant areas.

Our project monitoring and technical consultancy services are very frequently utilised by real estate funds for under-construction projects approved by the regulatory authorities, where ValuStrat is appointed as the Independent Technical Consultant on behalf of the Fund Managers and lending banks. Our expert team then becomes the eyes and ears of the investors and lenders for the project. In addition to monitoring the timeline and quality of the projects and providing detailed progress reports, we also review and approve Progress Payments or Escrow Account Payments to be made to the project developers on behalf the lenders and investors.

Project monitoring scope is tailored to each individual Project and the Clients’ needs with options including:

  • Statutory – legislation compliance, sustainability
  • Project review – design, contractor
  • Financial appraisal – including valuation methodology and base information, projected cash flows, financial drivers
  • Consultancy and construction agreements
  • Construction costs – advise on overruns, review drawdown requests against forecasts and cost plan
  • Construction programme – monitor progress against terms of agreement and planned progress, early warning of delays, progress photos
  • Construction – monitor as-built compliance against drawings and specifications, advise on the impact of variations on cost and quality
  • Practical completion – confirm discharge of conditions, non-statutory and statutory consents, documentation complete, outstanding works, future recommendations

Typical under-construction projects for which our Project Monitoring services are utilised, include:

Real Estate

  • Land development
  • Residential communities and towers
  • Commercial projects including hotels, malls, office towers etc.
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Infrastructure projects


  • Production facilities and factories across many sectors
  • Industrial land development projects
  • Warehouses and other industrial buildings
  • Industrial infrastructure

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