Facility Condition Assessment

Asset Advisory services such as Conditional Assessment and Valuation of the existing assets including buildings, utilities, infrastructure & inventory

Real Estate
IFRS Based FAR & Residual Life Analysis

Asset advisory services related to Asset Cost Allocation, Remaining Useful Life Assessment and IFRS based FAR (Fixed Asset Register) preparation of tangible assets such as building facilities, rides and various equipment

Architectural Review

Architectural review, preparation of updated drawings and building coding system

Project Monitoring

Appointment as Lender’s Independent Engineer for undertaking Project Construction Monitoring related to villa, townhouse and towers project


Businesses often face complex challenges in operations, strategy, and financial planning, especially those involved in manufacturing. Our Industrial consulting services guide such firms in optimising processes, mitigating risks, and capitalising on emerging opportunities. Our approach to helping clients in the industrial sector is anchored in understanding their unique needs and the dynamic nature of their industries. We provide bespoke industrial consulting, combining industrial asset valuation expertise with tailored advisory services. This approach enables us to provide actionable insights and strategic solutions aligning with the client's objectives and the industry's best practices.

ValuStrat has a joint venture with Hilco to offer asset disposal services for industrial assets in the middle east region. Hilco is the world’s largest, most experienced, multi-class industrial asset disposition firm. Hilco-ValuStrat project management expertise includes all aspects of sale transactions, from sale management and global marketing, asset tracing, transportation logistics, financial reporting, payment and final reconciliation.

What is industrial consulting?

Industrial consulting is a professional service that leverages industry-specific expertise to guide businesses in achieving their objectives. It encompasses several elements: operational efficiency, supply chain management, process improvement, technology implementation, and workforce optimisation. By analysing existing business structures and procedures, consultants devise strategic solutions that enhance productivity and profitability. Whether it's a manufacturing entity or a service industry, industrial consultants provide bespoke strategies that address each industry's unique challenges and opportunities. The goal is to improve business performance and promote sustainable growth, thereby assisting firms to stay competitive within their respective markets.

What industries can benefit from industrial consultancy services?

Industrial consultancy services offer wide applicability across various sectors. For example, manufacturing industries, whether in automotive, electronics, food, or pharmaceuticals, can significantly benefit from operational efficiency and process optimisation strategies. The energy and utilities sector can leverage these services for environmental compliance and sustainability initiatives. In logistics and transportation, consultancies can streamline supply chain processes. Construction and real estate firms can utilise them for project management and risk assessment. Furthermore, healthcare, technology, and financial services can gain from these services for technology implementation, compliance, and risk management. Any industry seeking enhanced operational effectiveness, profitability, and sustainability can benefit from industrial consultancy services.

How does industrial consulting assist in strategic decision-making?

Industrial consulting plays a vital role in strategic decision-making by providing informed insights and expert guidance. It begins with a comprehensive assessment of an organisation's current operations, including business processes, workforce efficiency, and market positioning. Post-analysis, consultants leverage their industry-specific knowledge to devise robust strategies aligning with the firm's objectives. These strategies address areas such as operational optimisation, cost reduction, technology integration, and market expansion. By bringing an external perspective and analytical rigour, consultants help firms navigate complex business environments, manage risks, and seize opportunities. Consequently, they empower firms to make strategic decisions that enhance business performance and foster sustainable growth.

What factors should you consider when choosing an industrial consultancy firm?

First, the firm's industry-specific expertise is paramount – their experience and successful track record in your particular sector can add significant value. Second, consider their range of services, ensuring they can address your unique business needs comprehensively. Third, evaluate the qualifications and experience of their consulting team. Fourth, assess their approach towards client relationships - do they offer bespoke solutions and demonstrate a deep understanding of your business? Lastly, financial considerations should be considered, such as the firm's fee structure and cost-effectiveness. By contemplating these factors, you can select a consultancy firm that aligns with your strategic objectives.

What are the key deliverables provided by industrial consultancy firms?

Industrial consultancy firms provide several key deliverables central to aiding businesses in achieving their strategic objectives. These include detailed business assessments outlining current operational strengths and areas for improvement. In addition, they deliver comprehensive strategic plans that offer solutions for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting growth. Firms also provide implementation roadmaps to guide the execution of proposed strategies. Additionally, they offer expert training to staff, ensuring the practical application of new processes or technologies. Finally, post-implementation, consultancy firms may provide performance evaluation reports, measuring the success of their strategies against predetermined benchmarks. Essentially, these deliverables aim to facilitate sustainable improvements in business performance.

How does industrial consultancy support inform occupational decisions in dynamic markets?

An industrial consultancy provides valuable support in making occupational decisions within dynamic markets. By leveraging industry-specific knowledge and data-driven analysis, consultants offer insights into market trends, competitive dynamics, technological advancements, and regulatory changes. These insights assist businesses in understanding shifting market landscapes and identifying opportunities or threats. Based on this understanding, consultants can advise on strategic occupational decisions such as workforce planning, skill development, technology adoption, and process adjustments. They can also support risk management and contingency planning. Thus, industrial consultancy can guide businesses in effectively navigating volatile markets, maintaining competitiveness, and fostering resilience in the face of change.

What are the services offered by an industrial consultancy firm?

Industrial consultancy firms offer a broad spectrum of services to assist businesses in achieving their strategic objectives. These services include operational efficiency consulting, which focuses on streamlining processes, reducing waste, and improving productivity. Supply chain management consulting addresses logistics, procurement, and distribution systems for optimisation. Technology consulting assists with selecting and implementing appropriate technologies to enhance business operations. Strategic management consulting involves developing comprehensive business strategies for growth and profitability. Asset and project management consulting cover under-construction project advisory, risk management, asset advisory (including useful and condition assessment), value-chain analysis, technical feasibility and technical asset divestment. Each service is tailored to the unique needs of a business, supporting its efforts to remain competitive and thrive.

How does an industrial consultancy firm provide tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges and objectives of different industrial clients?

Industrial consultancy firms employ a client-centric approach to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to each client's distinct challenges and objectives. They commence with a thorough analysis of the client's business, including its operations, market positioning, workforce efficiency, and technological capabilities. The firm then identifies the unique challenges and opportunities within this framework. Consultants devise custom strategies to address these unique aspects, leveraging their industry-specific knowledge and analytical prowess. These solutions could involve process optimisation, technological upgrades, workforce training, or strategic reorientation. Throughout this process, the firm maintains an open dialogue with the client, ensuring alignment with their business objectives and facilitating successful implementation.

How does industrial consulting assist businesses in navigating mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures within the industrial landscape?

Industrial consulting assists businesses through mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Consultants comprehensively analyse potential partners or targets, evaluating their financial performance, operational efficiency, market positioning, and compatibility with the client's strategic goals. They also assist in due diligence, identifying potential risks or liabilities. Post-acquisition consultants aid in the integration process, aligning business processes, technology systems, and corporate culture to ensure smooth consolidation. In the case of joint ventures, consultants facilitate strategic planning, partnership agreements, and operational setup. Through their expert guidance, industrial consultants mitigate risks, maximise value, and facilitate successful transactions within the industrial landscape.

How does industrial consulting help businesses identify and capitalise on international market expansion opportunities in the industrial sector?

Industrial consulting firms support businesses in identifying and capitalising on international market expansion opportunities by providing comprehensive market analysis and strategic advice. Consultants conduct detailed research on potential markets, assessing factors such as market size, consumer demographics, competition, regulatory environment, and cultural nuances. Based on these insights, they identify lucrative markets aligning with the business's offerings and strategic goals. Consultants then devise market entry strategies, including partnership identification, supply chain setup, localisation strategies, and compliance advisory. By leveraging the expertise of industrial consultants, businesses can mitigate risks, maximise opportunities, and successfully navigate their international expansion journey in the industrial sector.
Darshan Shah Managing Director & Group Head, Industrial Consulting
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