Facility Condition Assessment

Asset Advisory services such as Conditional Assessment and Valuation of the existing assets including buildings, utilities, infrastructure & inventory

Real Estate
IFRS Based FAR & Residual Life Analysis

Asset advisory services related to Asset Cost Allocation, Remaining Useful Life Assessment and IFRS based FAR (Fixed Asset Register) preparation of tangible assets such as building facilities, rides and various equipment

Architectural Review

Architectural review, preparation of updated drawings and building coding system

Project Monitoring

Appointment as Lender’s Independent Engineer for undertaking Project Construction Monitoring related to villa, townhouse and towers project


We provide services of the highest professional standards, required for several purposes such as Credit Facilities/Loans, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Organisational Restructuring, Dispute Resolution, Asset Management, Sales/Transfer of Assets, and Investments/Divestments. Our advice supports the occupational, investment and management decisions of investors, occupiers, lenders and developers in dynamic markets.

ValuStrat has a joint venture with Hilco to offer asset disposal services for industrial assets in the middle east region. Hilco is the world’s largest, most experienced, multi-class industrial asset disposition firm. Hilco-ValuStrat project management expertise includes all aspects of sale transactions, from sale management and global marketing, asset tracing, transportation logistics, financial reporting, payment and final reconciliation.

Asset Advisory

Our Industrial consulting team brings forth innovative solutions combined with the latest tools to address the complex challenges being faced by various sectors and industries in developed and developing economies.

Residual Life Assessment

We undertake “Residual Life Assessment” study for various plant, machinery & equipment particularly important from IFRS Implementation perspective and supports in streamlining of organisational maintenance policies and procedures.

Condition Assessment

Our experience in the field and quality control process enables us to provide technically accurate property condition assessment reports, reliable recommendations and detailed budgeting, helping our clients to make appropriate business decisions. Our services combine pure condition assessments with analyses of facility improvements and modifications necessary to support client-specific operational or program requirements.

Asset Counting & Tagging

We provide asset verification and tagging services to organisations across all industries as the first step to implement Enterprise Asset Management. This helps clients in knowing exactly what assets they currently have, where these assets are located and how these assets are changing over time and allows a company to keep track of details of each fixed asset, ensuring control and preventing misappropriation of assets.

FAR (Fixed Asset Register) Preparation

Every industry from manufacturing to healthcare and non-profit to real estate has unique financial and compliance risks in addition to potential tax consequences. When you trust us with your fixed asset management, you can have peace of mind that your assets will be reported correctly, and we keep your records and equipment lists up to date so that you don’t have to. Our team performs floor-to-book reconciliation of the fixed asset register supporting financial reporting requirements.

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Implementation

Our experts have extensive knowledge and excellent technical skills in the field of IFRS implementation. We stay abreast of changes in the regulatory environment and we are experts in many GAAPs related to jurisdictions in which we are located. Many of our professionals have an extensive experience solving complex IFRS issues across many types of structures. Supported with in-house team of technical experts / valuers to undertake assessment of Fair / Residual Value & impairment loss.

ValuStrat creates tailor-made solutions depending on our clients’ specific IFRS requirements and defined priorities.

Asset Divestment

ValuStrat offers industrial asset divestment services through its JV with HILCO Industrial, allowing it to serve clients in 11 countries in the Middle East. HILCO is one of the world’s largest and most experienced multi-class industrial Asset Divestment companies. In 2011 alone, HILCO conducted over 100 industrial asset disposition sales with gross sale revenues approaching the US $1 Billion. Assets from 53 countries were sold to over 60 countries.

Our team for the Hilco-ValuStrat joint-venture consists of industry professionals with proven know-how in specific and critical areas of expertise in this business, including used industrial equipment, marketing practices, legal support, auction sale set-up and sale negotiations. This specialized team creates significant efficiencies in the operations of both buyers and sellers, offering numerous sales methodologies such as auctions, private treaty sales and sealed bid sales. The type of sale applied is determined by criteria such as industry, asset specifications, quantity and location of the equipment, time frame and marketplace.

Our client-driven approach provides end users with a singular point of contact to affect the closure of an entire facility, dispose of and monetize certain capital assets, or secure equipment loans while assets are in transition.

Market Auctions:

Hilco-ValuStrat offers a range of other auction sales; Webcast, Online and On-Site Auctions. By selecting the proven-best methodology or combination of methodologies, Hilco consistently delivers higher recoveries more quickly.

Plant, Machinery & Equipment Valuations

For over 40 years, ValuStrat has been providing multi-asset class valuation services to clients from all sectors. Whether it is construction equipment, industrial & processing plants or other complex machinery or engineering assets, we cover them all. Plant, Machinery & Equipment Valuation is one of the key services offered by our Industrial Consulting division to clients across the world who would like to benefit from our valuation and technical expertise. Our valuation reports are widely accepted by banks, insurance companies, and private clients throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We provide plant, machinery & equipment valuation services for all types of assets in the UK through our wholly owned group entity, Capital Chartered – RICS Regulated Chartered Surveying firm in the UK. Capital Chartered was founded in 2009 and has established an excellent reputation in the market over the last 12 years for providing accurate professional advice across its service range to 4,000+ clients comprising of lending institutions, wealth managers, solicitors, private individuals and many others.

ValuStrat offers an in-depth knowledge and experience of all asset categories of plant and machinery across all industries & sectors, including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Metal including Steel, Aluminium
  • Power
  • Telecom
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare – Clinics & Hospitals
  • Chemicals & Petrochemical
  • Aviation
  • Railway
  • Entertainment
  • FMCG
  • Marine
  • Utilities including District Cooling, Waste Treatment Plants (Sewage, Water, Effluent, etc.)
  • Heavy Vehicles & Construction Equipment
  • F&B
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Plastics & Paints
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Cement & Glass

Clients value our technical knowledge and specialist advice. Whether for financial reporting, insurance, corporate transactions, or pre-sale advice, we have the depth of expertise to help you make informed decisions. Our detailed reports are prepared as per RICS standards outlining every single aspect covered under valuation. Our valuers provide on-site inspection-based valuation reports for clients who are in or have assets in the UK or Europe. ValuStrat’s valuers considers various factors such as technical depreciation, physical, technological, and functional obsolescence, while employing our internal platform and MIS to analyse a company’s fixed asset records. Being a global valuation entity with a comprehensive database, multi-sector valuer expertise, we can provide a unique proposition which gives an optimal combination of detailed reporting, value, and faster TATs.

Clients engage our plant, machinery & equipment appraisal services for:

  • Asset Backed Financing
  • Leasing / Releasing
  • Insurance Purposes
  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Implementation
  • Audit / Accounting Compliance
  • Due Diligence / Cost Investigation
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Disposal / Divestment
  • Sale Advice & Insolvency
  • Litigation / Legal Dispute

Besides, they also engage us for undertaking evaluation of Market Value, Fair Value, Residual Value, Reinstatement Value, Distress Sale Value, Liquidation Value along with assessment of Residual Life for the assets under consideration.

Heavy Equipment Valuations

With an increase in demand from financing and leasing companies for independent valuation of construction equipment, trucks, trailers, logistics-related vehicles, our specialised team of RICS valuers provide heavy equipment valuations. We have precise knowledge of asset specifications including engine types, chassis, makes, model, etc. and the technical know-how to develop the correct valuation reports for any requirement.

Our range of heavy equipment appraisal services include:

  • Heavy Transportation Vehicle (HTV) valuations of assets such as trucks, buses and trailers
  • Heavy equipment valuations of assets such as forklifts and cranes
  • Construction equipment valuations of assets such as mixers, dozers, graders, and excavators
  • Other logistics related vehicle valuations

Desktop Valuation of Plant, Machinery & Equipment

In addition to a full appraisal based on the physical survey of assets, we also provide ‘Desktop Valuations’ for Plant, Machinery & Equipment whenever a physical inspection is not possible or feasible, or perhaps when it is really not required, e.g., if the assets have been already surveyed recently and just an updated valuation is required. Desktop Valuations is one of the key services offered by our Industrial Consulting division to clients across the world who would like to benefit from our valuation and technical expertise, but don’t require the assistance for surveys.

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Being online / desk-top, our proposition offers significant cost savings as we utilise our internal capabilities, expertise, know-how and databases to derive asset values remotely without having the need to physically inspect an asset. Besides the cost benefit, it also aims to improve turnaround times for report deliveries as on-site visits are not required, helping clients reach to better decisions at a faster pace. Our Industrial Consulting division with a team of RICS certified valuers have combined technical and practical industrial experience across all industry sectors to undertake reliable and accurate desktop-based plant, machinery and equipment appraisals.

Our detailed reports are prepared as per RICS & IFRS standards outlining every single aspect covered under valuation. Our valuers provide desk-top valuation reports for clients who are based in or have assets located in the UK, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. Our valuers consider various factors such as technical depreciation, physical, technological, and functional obsolescence, while employing our internal platform and MIS to analyse a company’s fixed asset records. Being a global valuation entity with a comprehensive database, multi-sector valuation expertise, we can provide a unique proposition which gives an optimal combination of comprehensive reporting, value, and faster TATs.

Project Advisory

ValuStrat’s industrial consulting division manages complex assets and project advisory engagements. Our consultants perform construction program evaluations, project risk and controls assessments, contract compliance analyses, and cost investigations, as well as project support on complex and troubled projects. Our team focuses on industry knowledge, multi-disciplinary teams, and substantive experience in managing both the financial and technical aspects of major capital projects and programs.

Our project advisory services support a project through its life cycle. ValuStrat helps anticipate problems relating to cost pitfalls, schedules and scope by performing comprehensive project assessments, improving the project control framework and conducting schedule analysis employing advanced techniques such as risk-based, probabilistic scheduling.

Our project advisory mandates include:

  • Value chain analysis
  • Reviewing current processes and advise on process restructuring
  • Evaluation and advice on performance optimisation
  • Review of current strategy and advice on optimal engineering applications
  • Advise on key vendor management and monitoring activities
  • Advise on portfolio management – aligning projects to business strategy
  • Advise on stakeholder management
  • Perform program management maturity assessments
  • Provide an objective, independent view of your projects
  • Provide project management expertise in either a lead or support role
  • Provide project office expertise in either a lead or support role

Project Monitoring

At ValuStrat, we understand the importance of project implementation in accordance with the agreed parameters and the use of appropriate analytical tools to monitor the quality and progress of the various phases of a project. Our team of engineers and consultants visit the project site regularly and work with the client to closely monitor and report the project performance in terms of finance, time, risk, quality, regulatory approvals, and other relevant areas.

Our project monitoring and technical consultancy services are very frequently utilised by real estate funds for under-construction projects approved by the regulatory authorities, where ValuStrat is appointed as the Independent Technical Consultant on behalf of the Fund Managers and lending banks. Our expert team then becomes the eyes and ears of the investors and lenders for the project. In addition to monitoring the timeline and quality of the projects and providing detailed progress reports, we also review and approve Progress Payments or Escrow Account Payments to be made to the project developers on behalf the lenders and investors.

Project monitoring scope is tailored to each individual Project and the Clients’ needs with options including:

  • Statutory – legislation compliance, sustainability
  • Project review – design, contractor
  • Financial appraisal – including valuation methodology and base information, projected cash flows, financial drivers
  • Consultancy and construction agreements
  • Construction costs – advise on overruns, review drawdown requests against forecasts and cost plan
  • Construction programme – monitor progress against terms of agreement and planned progress, early warning of delays, progress photos
  • Construction – monitor as-built compliance against drawings and specifications, advise on the impact of variations on cost and quality
  • Practical completion – confirm discharge of conditions, non-statutory and statutory consents, documentation complete, outstanding works, future recommendations

Typical under-construction projects for which our Project Monitoring services are utilised, include:

Real Estate

  • Land development
  • Residential communities and towers
  • Commercial projects including hotels, malls, office towers etc.
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Infrastructure projects


  • Production facilities and factories across many sectors
  • Industrial land development projects
  • Warehouses and other industrial buildings
  • Industrial infrastructure

Technical Due Diligence

Our team of engineers analyse the condition, reliability, level of maintenance, suitability and other relevant technical aspects of plant, machinery, and equipment for the benefit of potential acquirers, investors and financiers.

This specialised service is especially relevant for transactions involving mergers, acquisitions, and project financing in a variety of sectors. In addition to the usual financial and legal due diligence required for such transactions, technical due diligence is often a key requirement to provide comfort to the parties involved in the project.

We provide our technical due diligence services for various industries & sectors:


  • Production facilities and factories across many sectors
  • Warehouses and other industrial buildings & structures
  • Infrastructure development for industries

Real Estate

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial projects including hotels, malls, office buildings etc.
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Infrastructure projects

The typical scope of work for Technical Due Diligence is as follows:

  • Condition analysis of plant & machinery
  • Assessment of condition of buildings and structures
  • Verification of production capacity
  • Technical capability of the facility to support the projected growth plan meaning to evaluate if the plant is capable enough to undertake the required increase in production as projected by the client
  • Overall plant metrics (operating condition/process flow, etc.) and proffer potential solutions, if applicable.
  • Assessment of the risk in view of the plant’s & its core assets suitability for future upgrades, improvements or potential expansion possibilities.
  • Assessment of level and quality of maintenance
  • Estimation of future maintenance and repair costs
  • Estimation of potential replacement costs of irreparable assets
  • Evaluating key risks to the production facility and/or building structures
  • Reviewing compliance with industry standards
  • Assessment of technology, project cost and defined implementation schedule
  • Evaluating Technical and / or Functional Obsolescence related to facility, plant, machinery and equipment
  • Claim Dispute Evaluation

Technical Feasibility Study

ValuStrat is well-equipped in carrying out technical feasibility study engagements. Our experts evaluate projects to determine the technical feasibility. The resulting work will not be designed for commercial use but may later be incorporated into future work.

Through a technical feasibility study, we can evaluate the project’s potential for success into:

  • the development of new products
  • the improvement/redesign or development of existing products
  • investigating the potential or application of new technology
  • researching and developing a project proposal for submission for funding

The purpose of the study is to provide the necessary information to enable your company to come to firm conclusions regarding the project’s viability.

Typical elements involved in carrying out a technical feasibility study may include:

  • Technology, topology, material evaluation and selection
  • Manufacturing process assessment
  • Design and prototyping
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Cost analysis
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