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Infrastructure Consulting


Due to growth of economic activity, population and post-conflict reconstruction in emerging markets, there is a rapid increase in demand for better supply of water, power, transportation, waste management and other services. On the other hand, the industry in developing markets is challenged by tightening regulations and the need for innovative solutions for optimization, renovation and evolution.

The utilities and infrastructure industry today is in great need of support in areas of Investment and Business Strategy, Risk Management, Cost Reduction, Organizational Restructuring and Human Capital development. With our expertise and knowledge, ValuStrat team of consultants can guide organizations through their transformation with a structured and customized change management process that assist in meeting the business challenges ahead.

Economic infrastructure is the core internal facility of a country that makes business activity possible, such as communication, transportation, distribution, finance and energy supply. These assets are fundamental to society and economic growth. Due to the long-term, inherently safe, typically large-scale and stable income streams that they offer, it perhaps comes as no surprise that it is a rapidly-growing investment class. The second biggest sector in GCC holding the largest opportunity for the next 15 years is the infrastructure industry having USD 804.97 worth of ongoing projects. Saudi Arabia is seeing an increased demand driver for improvement of transportation and infrastructure projects with the ambitious growth plans and government investment into social infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. Most of the GCC governments are planning large scale infrastructure development and expansion scheme spanning a number of years. At the heart of the enormous regional infrastructure development are rail projects valued at US$106 billion, while marine infrastructure projects are also flourishing with over US$60 billion worth of maritime projects across the GCC, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia leading the way.

With the successful FIFA 2022 World Cup bid, Qatar has shot to prominence in the GCC infrastructure map, and is set to grow it share by allocating 37 percent of its budget towards major capital projects, the bulk of which is for infrastructure projects.

With increased prospects of economic growth, the infrastructure industry is set to grow with increased investment opportunities.

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