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Industrial Real Estate Valuations


Industrial real estate valuation is a professional assessment of the market value of an industrial property, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions for financial, regulatory and transactional applications.

Our RICS valuers are experts in appraising diverse industrial assets, including determining industrial property value. Our industrial property valuation process involves an in-depth analysis of various factors such as the property's location, size, condition, market trends, and comparable sales data. The final output is an RICS-compliant industrial property valuation report, which provides an accurate and impartial reflection of the property's current market value.

Valuing industrial property is important for several critical reasons. First, accurate valuations are crucial for lenders, investors, and property owners in making informed decisions about financing, acquisitions, or dispositions. A transparent and impartial valuation report can expedite negotiations and promote a fair and efficient transaction process. Finally, RICS valuation reports ensure compliance with legal and financial reporting requirements and industry best practices.

Clients require our industrial property appraisal services for various purposes. Banks and financial institutions require an up-to-date valuation to determine the loan-to-value ratio and assess the risk associated with lending. Accurate valuations, including industrial land and building valuations, are essential for financial reporting, tax assessment, and compliance with accounting standards. Insurers need a precise property value estimation to obtain adequate coverage. Finally, valuations can provide an impartial basis for resolving disputes related to sale or lease transactions, asset division, or other property-related issues.

At ValuStrat, our team of industrial property valuers is well-versed in the intricacies of the industrial real estate market and is committed to delivering as per your specific needs. As an RICS-regulated valuations firm, all our appraisal reports are developed as per global Red Book Global Standards. However, we also prepare valuation reports as per regional requirements such as TAQEEM, ensuring compliance with the highest industry and banking sector standards.

Our industrial property valuers have extensive experience appraising a wide range of assets, including:

  • Aviation facilities
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Factories
  • Industrial lands
  • Loading bays
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Maritime facilities
  • Packaging facilities
  • Production facilities
  • Warehouses


A clear and concise industrial property appraisal report typically outlines the market value of the asset and the methodology used in the valuation process, which is backed by a thorough site inspection, and an assessment of the property's condition, specifications, and potential environmental risks. A comprehensive market analysis also forms the basis of the report, including comparable sales, rentals, and market trends, to give the readers an indicative idea of the property market.

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