Services Consulting

ValuStrat has worked with many service sector firms, assisting them in accomplishing financial and managerial results aligned with their specific needs and objectives.

As a professional strategy advisory and consulting firm ourselves we understand sector specific challenges and leverage the experience along with our expertise to help identify critical business issues, suggest corresponding strategic alternative and assist in change and strategy implementation. Our spectrum of services to the sector is focused on the strategic direction, profitability, performance and financial management – conclusively the overall strategic direction that our service sector clients may seek.

Given today’s dynamic and challenging business climate, ValuStrat understands that the organizations within the Services Sector each represent a critical corporate activity serving as the driving force behind numerous businesses and corporations. In order to optimally address our Service Sector clients’ operation-specific issues and challenges, ValuStrat has designed its range of services and worked with clients to promote value addition and cost efficiencies that drive and sustain the clients strategic and bottom-line foot-print.

Our corporate activity focus entails multi-disciplinary understanding of clients providing:

  • Facilities management services
  • Consultancy services
  • Human Capital Management
  • Logistics and distribution networks
  • Network management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Business Process Outsourcing

The significance of service sector companies can be understood by fact that the service sector dominated the UAE economy accounting for 44% of overall GDP in 2011 and has grown at 5% during 2007-11. The services sector is expected to continue its growth momentum given the GCC region’s focus on economic diversification and the strong demographic dividend in the form of a young consumer market.

According to IMF growth remained robust for the GCC member nations, supported by expansionary fiscal policies and accommodative monetary conditions. However, mindful of their heavy reliance on oil and gas sectors, all GCC states have embarked on strategies and programs designed to diversify their economies, enhance private sector activity, improve education standards and boost employment for nationals. These efforts include large public spending programs on infrastructure, education and health with supporting investments envisaged from the private sector.

According to Insead’s Innovation Ranking Report 2012 the countries of the GCC have embarked on a series of reforms and initiatives focusing on the need to cultivate human capital and to promote research and development (R&D). The UAE ranked 26th in the overall Doing Business rank for 2013, and high in the sub-categories; 5th in trade across borders and 22nd in starting a business. These areas are vital for continued-success of the UAE’s thriving services sector.

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