ValuStrat is proud to be amongst an original group of only ten businesses from across the world who were first admitted to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Tech Affiliate Program, now known as ‘RICS Tech Partner’ and the only firm head quartered in the entire MENA/Asia/Africa.

With a dedicated in-house IT Department, our clients can be assured of expert know how and back-up at all times.

Our cutting-edge iPad-based real estate valuation software platform ‘Speedy’ allows us to deliver RICS Red Book compliant mortgage valuation reports on single residential properties to you within only 7 hours of inspection survey. Speedy also features a sophisticated user portal – giving you the ability to order and receive reports via your secure log-in, check status in real time and view a library of past reports. Additional user friendly features allow you to search by map and export to Excel.

ValuStrat’s Automobile Valuation and Field Verification software, allows us to deliver reports to you within a 3-hour turnaround time from the time of survey.

Our technology ensures high levels of reliability, flexibility and efficiency. The report formats are highly customisable and can be tailored to the varying requirements of different clients. The reports also include features such as system generated geo-tags on web maps, photographs, date and time stamps, bringing more attention to detail and ensuring maximum accuracy during the verification process. The platform also allows us to produce a wide variety of value-added analytics for your benefit. These paperless PDF reports are not only more environmentally friendly but are also faster and more reliable.

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