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Brand & Intangible Assets Valuations


In today's knowledge-based economy, brands and intangible assets often constitute a significant proportion of a company's value. Brand and intangible valuations services provide vital insights into the worth of these assets, enabling better-informed business and financial decisions.

Brand and intangible valuations involve estimating the financial value of brands and intangible assets such as intellectual property, customer relationships, proprietary technology, and goodwill, ensuring the accurate valuation of intangible assets. This process employs a range of complex techniques and models to determine the present value of the expected future economic benefits that these assets will bring to the business.

In today's business landscape, intangible assets often account for a substantial part of a company's total value. Accurate valuation of these assets is pivotal to various strategic decisions such as M&A, brand management, financial reporting, and litigation. Additionally, it provides valuable insights for stakeholders about the company's worth and growth potential.

The need for brand and intangible valuations arises from the unique characteristics of these assets. Unlike tangible assets, the value of intangible assets and brands is not readily apparent. Hence, specialised valuation techniques are required to estimate their worth reliably and accurately, providing a holistic view of the company's value.

At ValuStrat, our brand and intangible valuation consultants are committed to delivering rigorous, transparent, and insightful valuations to help you unlock the full potential of these valuable assets and enhance your strategic decision-making.

Our brand and intangible valuations services include:

  1. Asset identification: Our intangible valuation consultants start by identifying and categorising all of your company's intangible assets and brands for subsequent valuation.
  2. Valuation: Employing advanced techniques and models, we estimate the present value of the future economic benefits that your intangible assets and brands are expected to generate, ensuring accurate intangible asset valuation.    
  3. Brand and intangible valuations report: Our team prepares a comprehensive report detailing the valuation process, assumptions, and findings, providing a transparent view of your assets' value.
  4. Strategic advice: We also offer strategic advice based on our valuation findings to help you maximise the value of your intangible assets and brands, utilising effective intangible assets valuation methods.    


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