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Commercial Real Estate Valuations


RICS commercial real estate appraisal services are critical for property owners, investors, and stakeholders who want to make informed decisions about their assets. Many turn to the expertise of commercial appraisal companies to ensure they receive precise evaluations.

A commercial real estate valuation is a professional assessment of a property's market value conducted by RICS valuers. This commercial building appraisal process typically involves thoroughly examining a property's physical and legal attributes, local market conditions, and the potential for income generation. A commercial property appraisal report is then produced, detailing the valuer's findings and accurately estimating the property's worth. By following professional standards, RICS commercial property valuers can provide accurate and reliable commercial appraisal reports to help property owners and investors maximise their profits and minimise risks.

Commercial property appraisals serve several essential purposes in the realm of real estate. They are crucial for securing financing for the purchase or development of a property, assisting in setting the correct sale or rental price, informing investment decisions and asset management strategies, and providing a basis for taxation, insurance, and legal matters. As some of the largest commercial real estate appraisal firms adopt these practices, by obtaining a professional RICS commercial real estate appraisal report, you can make informed decisions that safeguard your investment and optimise your property's potential.

At ValuStrat, our team of commercial property valuers is well-versed in the intricacies of the commercial property market, including all aspects of commercial appraisal. As a leading RICS-regulated commercial real estate valuation firm and counted among the largest commercial real estate appraisal firms, all our commercial appraisal reports are developed as per global Red Book Global Standards. However, we also prepare valuation reports as per regional requirements such as TAQEEM, ensuring compliance with the highest industry and banking sector standards, leading to over 120 financial institutions across the GCC and UK relying on our commercial real estate appraisal reports.

Our commercial property valuers have extensive experience in commercial property appraisal, covering a wide range of assets, including:

  • Office buildings (small office spaces and large multi-tenant complexes)
  • Retail properties (shopping centres, strip malls, suburban centres and standalone shops)
  • Industrial properties (warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities)
  • Mixed-use properties (developments that combine residential, commercial, and retail spaces)
  • Hospitality properties (hotels, resorts and serviced apartments)
  • Agricultural properties (farms and ranches)
  • Healthcare assets (hospitals & clinics)
  • Educational properties (daycare centres, nurseries, schools, colleges and universities)
  • Leisure assets (theme parks, golf clubs, water parks, health clubs and marinas)
  • Special-purpose properties (student housing, staff accommodation, telecom, data storage, self-storage, religious buildings, master plan development land and energy-efficient green buildings)

A standard commercial appraisal service includes inspection and assessment of the property's physical attributes and condition, analysis of local market conditions and trends, evaluation of the property's income-generating potential, review of relevant legal documentation and tenancy agreement, and comparison with similar properties in the local market. Upon completion of the commercial building appraisal process, our RICS valuers will provide a comprehensive commercial property appraisal report, presenting their findings and conclusions clearly and concisely. As one of EMEA's leading commercial appraisal companies, we ensure faster turnaround and provide bespoke commercial valuation reports to clients to enable effective and informed decision-making.

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