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Mandoob Services

Due Diligence

ValuStrat provides specialised iPad based Mandoob services for Islamic banks for the purpose of verifying and handing over assets being financed under Murabaha transactions.

Our proprietary processes and technology platform has enabled us to reduce average turnaround time (TAT) for this service to 3 hours as compared to industry practice of 48-72 hours, enhance quality control and widen geographic reach, thereby creating a service offering unmatched by any of our competitors. Financial institutions are able to process their clients’ Murabaha applications faster and better utilise the time of their sales staff, resulting in significant enhancement of overall efficiency.

Key features and benefits of ValuStrat’s Mandoob services include:

  • Smart forms and bespoke reports
  • Data analytics
  • High quality report
  • Dedicated call centre
  • Unmatched quality control
  • Very quick geographic reach through real time GPS monitoring of surveyors’ location
  • LTE (4G) connectivity for quick data transfer
  • Signature capture on iPad
  • System controlled time and location stamp
  • Hi-res pictures
  • Cloud computing for data storage and implementing changes

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