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Financial Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Our financial due diligence service is designed to provide peace of mind to our clients by focusing on relevant aspects of the target business identified as important by our clients, including areas that are potentially risky. We follow a systematic approach towards analysing and validating financial, commercial, and operational information provided by the target business for strategic transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, capital market deals, funds etc. Our firm’s robust knowledge and experience in a diverse range of business sectors enables us to provide a reliable and thorough financial assessment for all types of companies.

We follow a phased approach that supports our client’s decision-making process by understanding the initial motivation and drivers supporting the transaction. We conduct a preliminary assessment of the target business and build on to it by identifying deal breaker issues early in the evaluation process to enable our clients to make informed decisions as early as possible in the transaction process.

Our financial due diligence service provides comfort around robustness and quality of financial information and cover revenue and market due diligence, synergy validation, maintainable earnings, cost validations, estimation of future cash flows, identification of risks, redundancies, potential liabilities, and red flags etc. All of this is done while keeping in view the specific aspects of the firm’s operations as well as of the deal under consideration.

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