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Sheraz Khan

General Manager (UAE Government Relations, Autos & Heavy Equipment)

Sheraz Khan has been serving ValuStrat since 2004 and has more than 27 years of experience in a variety of areas. He brings tremendous expertise to our Automobiles and Heavy Equipment valuations business. His deep knowledge in these sectors has enabled ValuStrat to become a very reliable source of data and analytics for top banking clients who finance automobiles and heavy equipment extensively.

Sheraz has successfully trained a team of surveyors and analysts under his able guidance who carry out the tasks of this division accurately and efficiently. Our unmatched turnaround time in this business is extremely helpful for banks who rely on our due diligence and valuation expertise before extending car loans and heavy equipment financing to their clients. Sheraz’s long standing service has gained the trust of clients as well as of other divisions of ValuStrat who often require data on auto and heavy equipment as part of larger assignments.

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