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Digital Services – Terms & Conditions

I understand that by using ValuStrat's services, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I agree that the scope of work for business valuation service would encompass the following key elements:
    • Company Details: A thorough exploration of the company's background, history, and relevant information.
    • Macro Economic and Industry Overview: An analysis of the broader economic factors and an overview of the industry in which the business operates.
    • Business and Revenue Model: A detailed examination of the business's structure, how it generates revenue, and its overall operating model.
    • Financial Analysis: A comprehensive review of the company's financial data, including income statements, balance sheets, and any other pertinent financial metrics.
    • Business Valuation Summary: A concise yet informative summary that presents the findings of the valuation process, culminating in a clear and supported business valuation figure.
  • I acknowledge and accept the confidentiality obligation. Both parties commit to maintaining strict confidentiality concerning any proprietary, sensitive, or confidential information shared throughout our engagement. I acknowledge that this obligation will remain in effect beyond the conclusion of this engagement.
  • I agree to acknowledge that ValuStrat retains the right to refuse engagement and refund any payment I've made, without having to provide specific reasons, at any stage of our engagement. This right is solely exercised at ValuStrat's discretion.
  • I agree that the engagement timeline, which is set at 10 working days, will commence only once I provide complete information subsequent to the initial interaction with the consultant. I acknowledge that delays in delivering complete information may lead to an extension of the engagement timeline, as determined by ValuStrat.
  • I understand that it is vital for the smooth progression of the project that I provide all relevant information and documentation in a timely manner, and I commit to notifying ValuStrat of any uncertainties.
  • I agree to promptly provide feedback on project submissions within 3 working days of receiving draft reports to ensure the project's steady advancement.
  • I agree to understand that I am entitled to a single revision of the report. I commit to furnishing feedback within 3 working days from the submission of the draft report. The consultant will integrate my feedback and furnish the final report within 3 working days thereafter.
  • I understand that the engagement encompasses two virtual meetings with the consultant. The first meeting will be scheduled after I submit information via email or the designated portal. Following the submission of the draft report, the second meeting will be arranged. I agree that these interactions will exclusively occur in a virtual format.
  • I acknowledge that, while confidentiality obligations remain, both parties are free to utilize concepts, techniques, and know-how developed during the project.
  • I agree that ValuStrat retains the absolute discretion to select its personnel for providing services outlined in the project scope.
  • I understand that ValuStrat is at liberty to perform similar services for other clients using proprietary products, methods, skills, and experience.
  • I agree that presentations, reports, and advice provided, including this document, are solely for my use and the use of my financiers. They must not be disclosed to or shared with any third party without ValuStrat's prior written consent.
  • I understand that advice and services provided by ValuStrat are for my exclusive use and do not constitute advice to any third party I may communicate it to.
  • I acknowledge that ValuStrat will execute the professional services with reasonable care and skill. However, I understand that ValuStrat will not be held responsible for any consequences, losses, or penalties arising from incorrect or incomplete information provided by me or others, or from a failure to act on advice promptly.
  • I acknowledge that if there are any Force Majeure events or modifications to the project scope, the Term will be extended accordingly.
  • I acknowledge that ValuStrat will not be liable for any delays or failures caused by Force Majeure.
  • I understand that electronic and email communications carry risks of data corruption, and ValuStrat is not responsible for changes made to such communications after dispatch. I acknowledge that reliance on email advice without written confirmation might not be appropriate.
  • I agree that ValuStrat is an independent contractor, and our relationship is limited to that of client and independent contractor. No employment relationship is created between myself and ValuStrat's staff.
  • I acknowledge that ValuStrat has sole authority and responsibility for employing, discharging, and controlling its employees, subcontractors, and vendors.
  • I agree that this Engagement Letter will be governed by the Laws of the United Arab Emirates, and any disputes will be referred to the UAE Courts.


By continuing to use ValuStrat's services, I signify my acceptance and agreement to adhere to these terms and conditions.