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Middle East’s ValuStrat acquires stake in UK’s Capital Value Surveyors

Middle East consultancy firm ValuStrat has acquired a stake in Capital Value Surveyors Limited, a British company specializing in real estate advisory services. 

The transaction marks the second acquisition of the company in the UK over the last four years and is part of ValuStrat’s strategy to drive its global footprint, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. 

“[The] Middle East will remain our centre of excellence- from where we will drive our global ambitions and goals,” said ValuStrat’s Chairman, Shahid Umerani. 

With the investment, ValuStrat hopes to further develop its presence in the UK and better serve its clients both in the European state and the Middle East, according to Declan King, Managing Director and Group Head of Real Estate at ValuStrat. 

In the last four years, the company has been working on expanding its global presence. It has set up local partnerships in the African market to provide valuations and consulting services. 

For the UK market, it acquired Capital Chartered Surveyors UK in 2019. The company is a B2C, RICS-regulated real estate advisory company.