Only Six Degrees (OSD) is a project aimed at creating a positive impact in the travel industry. The organization, founded by Gilad Goren, is aimed at disrupting the $6.3 trillion industry with aim creating a concept around sustainable tourism, positively impacting local communities and the environment. UNEP states that out of every $100 spent on trip, only $5 stays within the local economy. They also believe that travel is one of the least environmentally and socially friendly sectors. To address these 2 major issues, OSD plans to build global communities of NGO’s and work with to curate trips with a social impact.

Like any tour company, OSD will tailor travel packages to select cities. These packages will include all the same features as other package but with an emphasis on local and more environmentally sustainable solutions e.g. hotels, local travel, leisure activities etc. OSD will also give a percentage of their earnings to a local charity, which the people on the tour will spend a day with. Only Six Degrees (OSD) sets to use travel as the currency for positive change. OSD aims to create a global network of qualified nonprofit organizations will curate experiential travel opportunities that blend the touristic highlights of their host countries with their own perspective and involvement. Each OSD trip offers:

  • A fully inclusive itinerary curated by OSD and the partner NGO
  • Touristic highlights of the destination country
  • An experiential component: hands on cooking class, a role in an English class, a school bus safari, etc.
  • A set donation to the partner NGO for a specific project or goal.
  • A carbon tax, meant to ensure the trip as carbon neutral.
  • Concierge services for extending or customizing the trip.


ValuStrat Pro Bono Advisory is working with OSD to put together a strategic business plan and financial analysis. This will assist the company with strategic decision making and pitching for potential patient capital and investment for the project. Apart from creating the financial model and advising on pricing, product offering and other strategic business decision, a key component of ValuStrat Pro-Bono’s work for Only Six Degrees is the calculation and substantiation of the Social ROI of the business. The SROI is a key indicator considered by social investors, while making investment decisions relating to social ventures.