Red Eye provides a 24/7 COMMUNITY for Culture Creators, Influencers and Leaders to EMPOWER their lives, SUPPORT their dreams, and DEVELOP their talents as well as those of the next generation. While reaching out to help humanity and MENTOR those in need, we CONNECT one cultural extreme with another, and CHANGE THE WORLD along the way.

Red Eye has been actively involved in providing a conducive and collaborative platform for the influential young leaders from the world of arts and entertainment to mentor at-risk children and youth within their local communities and help serve those ranging from homeless families, kids impacted by HIV/AIDS, to the elderly. The organization, founded by Justin Mayo in Los Angeles, offers a unique proposition by leveraging the social capital of culture creators, influencers and leaders and empowering them to mentor, coach and hone the creative ambitions of those such as at-risk youth within their local communities.

Red Eye has furthered its ambition and initiatives to create positive culture and social environments through its presence in Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Sydney and intend to set up camp in Milan also.

ValuStrat shares Red Eye’s growing concern about the increasing number of youth at-risk to substance abuse and criminal activities. With an aim and hope to move the needle on the issue of mentoring and providing a positive and conducive environment to at-risk youth, kids impacted by HIV/AIDS, and senior citizens we work closely with the Red Eye team, providing them with calculated advice on their initiatives. By employing our strategic approach to community involvement and sharing our innovative thinking and counsel with the organization, we aim to help Red Eye in their initiative of fostering the creative ambitions of the under-privileged to give individuals not a “hand out” but a “hand up” in life.