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ValuStrat celebrates a decade of growth and success in Qatar

ValuStrat, a globally recognised consultancy specialising in multi-sector advisory services, celebrates a decade of strategic impact and growth in Qatar, firmly establishing itself among the top advisory firms in the country. Throughout these ten years, ValuStrat has not only earned a trusted position among most banks, corporates, and government-related entities in Qatar but has also advised on many of the country's largest real estate developments and strategic initiatives during a phase of outstanding national progress.

Licensed by the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), ValuStrat Qatar is strategically located in the prestigious business district of West Bay, operating from the landmark Palm Towers. This location and status underscore the firm's commitment to being at the heart of Qatar's economic and financial hub. Moreover, 2022 marked a remarkable year for ValuStrat in Qatar, setting a record as the best year in the company's history within the country.

ValuStrat's tenure in Qatar is distinguished by a deep-rooted commitment to providing insights-driven, forward-thinking strategic advisory, finely attuned to local market dynamics. At the core of its offerings, the firm's RICS-regulated real estate valuation divisions have consistently delivered tailored property valuation services and market research, addressing the nuanced needs of a diverse clientele. Adherence to RICS Red Book standards has propelled ValuStrat to set industry benchmarks in swift, customised reporting, valuations and proprietary real estate research — including the widely respected ValuStrat Price Index (VPI).

Extending beyond real estate, ValuStrat's expertise in advisory, due diligence, and industrial consulting has been instrumental across various business lifecycle stages, influencing the decision-making processes of Qatari clients across more than 15 sectors. The firm's strong relationship with Qatar's banking and financial services industry is significant, serving over 120 top-tier financial institutions across the EMEA region. This strategic alliance has been pivotal in fostering robust decision-making for institutional, corporate, and retail clients, all seeking solutions that are both forward-looking and grounded in insightful analysis.

Shahid Kazi, Group CEO of ValuStrat, reflected on the company's journey, "Our decade in Qatar stands as a testament to ValuStrat's commitment to pioneering growth, fostering innovation, and building trust-based partnerships. I am immensely proud of our Qatar team's accomplishments under the strategic guidance of Pawel Banach, FRICS, our General Manager in Qatar. Leaders like Anthony Fernando, MRICS (Director, Valuations), Anum Hasan (Head of Research), Marwen Azri (Manager, Residential Valuations), and Maaz Anser (Manager, Advisory) have been instrumental in our growth trajectory. Their dedication has been pivotal in establishing robust relationships with global and regional corporations, government entities, and the financial sector, providing strategic and dependable advice. This ten-year milestone symbolises not just our unwavering commitment to excellence but also the expertise and dedication of our team. As we celebrate this landmark achievement, we look forward to being a key contributor to the local economy and continuing to set industry benchmarks."

Declan King MRICS, Managing Director and Group Head of Real Estate at ValuStrat, highlighted the firm's role, "Over the past decade, our advisory services, especially in real estate, have evolved into the cornerstone of our client's strategic decisions. Our expanded valuations division in Qatar, now including a dedicated residential unit and enhanced commercial and industrial valuation capabilities, reflects our adaptability to the dynamic Qatari market. More than just appraisals, we offer nuanced insights that shape market trends and align with our clients' visions. As Qatar strides forward, our expertise is critical in navigating this landscape, delivering not only valuations but comprehensive, growth-centric solutions. Our deep market acumen, amplified by advanced technology, continues to be pivotal in shaping Qatar's real estate sector."

Khurram Merchant, CFA, Managing Director - Advisory at ValuStrat, reflected on the firm's contributions in Qatar, "In the past decade, ValuStrat has had the opportunity to engage in several key economic and real estate projects in Qatar. Our involvement has spanned from offering strategic insight and feasibility assessments to conducting in-depth market research. Throughout our journey, we've guided a spectrum of businesses, from emerging startups to established SMEs, playing a pivotal role in sectors instrumental to Qatar's growth. Our involvement has spanned critical areas such as building materials and construction, directly supporting the development cycle for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Moreover, we've been at the forefront of advising agricultural technology enterprises, contributing to the nation's food security agenda. We also value our ongoing collaborations with leading financial institutions and government entities in the country and appreciate the chance to support the government's initiatives aimed at enhancing Qatar's business and tourism landscape. As we look back on these ten years, we remain committed to providing thoughtful and strategic advice that supports the continued progress of Qatar."

As ValuStrat celebrates a decade of operations in Qatar, the firm reaffirms its commitment to delivering insightful consulting, valuation, and transaction advisory services. Aiming to be the consultancy of choice for diverse stakeholders in Qatar, ValuStrat continues to blend international expertise with local understanding. With a presence in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Europe, and Africa, the firm underscores its standing as a distinguished consulting entity in Qatar. ValuStrat is poised to maintain its growth trajectory, aligning global insights with the evolving needs of its clients.