Pro-Bono Advisory

Giving back to the society

ValuStrat Pro-Bono Advisory works with foundations, philanthropists, companies, non-governmental organisations, social entrepreneurs and social investors to help them rethink their goals and realign their strategies to achieve greater social impact. We offer our full suite of strategy services to social organisations, working in all sectors. And we do it all, free of cost.

The ValuStrat Pro-Bono Advisory division was founded in 2012 as a part of ValuStrat’s commitment to society and its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. The division represents ValuStrat’s core values and commitment towards the improvement of community.

We help Non-Profits drive social impact, free of cost

Only 1 out of 10 NGO’s deliver real significant value. The two main reasons why non-profits fail to make a difference are:

  • The goals of the board, management, staff, investors and founders are not aligned
  • They do not have a clear direction towards their goals while trying to manage stakeholders expectations

We help non-profits set clear objectives, understand their environment, evaluate available resources and devise suitable strategies for them to achieve superior social returns.We aim to replicate structures from the for profit world into the non-profit world to drive and measure social value.

If you are a part of a foundation, philanthropist organisation, non-governmental organisation or are a social entrepreneur/investor, and would like to engage our Pro-Bono Advisory team, please get in touch with us at


Anyone can become a Pro-Bono Consultant, Come and Join Us

If you have a good skill set and are willing to use it to help us better the world, fill in the simple application below and become a Pro-Bono Consultant on our next project. Our hand-picked team of Pro-Bono Consultants, work with social organisations globally to solve complex challenges. The great thing is, everyone can become a consultant. Our Pro-Bono Consultants work almost 5-7 hours per week (1 hour per day), to help non-profits and social ventures rethink their strategy to drive social impact.

Submit an Application

To become a Pro-Bono Consultant and help us change companies who are changing the World, click on the link below and fill out the simple form. This will help us assign you with the most suitable project and the causes you are most passionate about. It does not restrict you however to any specific cause or projects, your skills are important to us and will be matched with the requirements of our next pro-bono project. Join us to help those in real need.

Pro-Bono Case Studies

Three Wheels United – Microfinance Explore
Three Wheels United – Microfinance

Three Wheels United (Bangalore, India) is an initiative focused on improving the lives of India’s estimated five million auto-rickshaw drivers through innovative public and private sector collaboration.

Red Eye Inc – Community Development Explore
Red Eye Inc – Community Development

RedEye Inc (Los Angeles, USA) has been actively involved in providing a platform for the influential young leaders in arts and entertainment, we work closely with RedEye, providing them with strategic advice on their upcoming initiatives.

Only Six Degrees – Sustainable Travel Explore
Only Six Degrees – Sustainable Travel

Only Six Degrees (New York, USA) is aimed at disrupting the $6.3 trillion industry with aim creating a concept of sustainable tourism, positively impacting local communities and the environment

Shelter Wakadogo – Education Explore
Shelter Wakadogo – Education

Shelter Wakadogo (Gulu, Uganda) was established to provide hope and opportunity to the future of Uganda. ValuStrat is currently assisting the management re-align their Operational and Sustainability strategy.

Enviu – Micro Pensions Explore
Enviu – Micro Pensions

Enviu (Rotterdam, Netherlands) engaged ValuStrat to create a business plan for the Micro Pension product in Pakistan, a concept which aims to create a pension plan for people employed in the informal sector with the help of mobile banking.

Transparent Hands – Healthcare Explore
Transparent Hands – Healthcare

Transparent Hands is a global crowdfunding platform for the betterment of underprivileged patients in Pakistan. ValuStrat’s Pro-Bono Advisory team worked closely with the Transparent Hands team on growth and marketing strategy to help them increase credibility, reach more people, spread awareness and raise funds.