Due Diligence

With our team’s extensive and diverse expertise, ValuStrat provides an ideal platform for conducting due diligence on various types of companies or assets from a variety of perspectives.

The analytical abilities of our Advisory team and the large network of our trained on-ground surveyors enables us to provide thorough due diligence on companies and individuals for the benefit of financial institutions and utilities who are considering extension of credit facilities to these potential customers. Similarly, our highly experienced engineering team can provide a reliable and in-depth assessment of industrial or real estate assets being considered for acquisition or finance. Our experts also provide financial and commercial due diligence services for companies as well as project monitoring services for under-construction projects. In all such circumstances, ValuStrat can be your trusted partner for delivering sound and thorough advice before you proceed with making critical decisions.

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Contact Point or Field Verification Services   Explore
Contact Point or Field Verification Services

ValuStrat verification are done all on iPad and bespoke to match the requirements of each individual client.

Technical Due Diligence   Explore
Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due-Diligence is a specialized service provided by ValuStrat which is especially relevant for transactions involving mergers, acquisitions and project financing in a variety of industrial sectors

Project Monitoring   Explore
Project Monitoring

At ValuStrat, we understand the value of continuous importance of project implementation in relation to agreed schedules and the use of parameters to ensure that the various phases of the project are achieved as planned.

Mandoob Services   Explore
Mandoob Services

We provide specialized iPad based Mandoob services for Islamic banks for the purpose of verifying and handing over assets being financed under Murabaha transactions, with a turnaround time of 3 hours.