Due Diligence

Real Estate Development Forensic Assessment (redfa)

We conduct forensic due diligence reviews of contractor interfaces on major development programs, projects and packages of work, to assess the impact of any identified risks and inconsistencies, and then develop routes to recovery through:

Forensic Review:

  • Reviewing of contract costs (Sample & 100%)
  • Due diligence review of contractor processes
  • Validation of accuracy of contractor invoices/claims

Forensic Cost Assessment (FCA):

  • Review of client and contractor processes
  • Review of actual costs (100%)
  • Commercial recovery processes

Governance and Process Review:

  • Reduction in transactional inefficiencies
  • Development of process risk mitigations
  • Process optimisation strategies around clear objectives (improved cash  flow)

FCA led Supplier Relationship Management (SRM):

  • Revealing Opex and Capex costs & developing product category improvement strategies
  • Practical solutions for Supply Chain process improvement
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