Industrial Consulting

Industrial Divestments

ValuStrat offers industrial asset divestment services through its JV with HILCO Industrial, allowing it to serve clients in 11 countries in the Middle East. HILCO is one of the world’s largest, and most experienced multi-class industrial asset divestment company. In 2011 alone, HILCO conducted over 100 industrial asset disposition sales with gross sale revenues approaching US $1 Billion. Assets from 53 countries were sold into over 60 countries.

Our team for the Hilco-ValuStrat joint-venture consists of industry professionals with proven know-how in specific and critical areas of expertise in this business including used industrial equipment, marketing practices, legal support, auction sale set-up and sale negotiations. This specialised team creates significant efficiencies in the operations of both buyers and sellers, offering numerous sales methodologies such as auctions, private treaty sales, and sealed bid sales. The type of sale applied is determined by criteria such as industry, asset specifications, quantity and location of the equipment, time frame, and market place.

Our client-driven approach provides end users with a singular point of contact to affect the closure of an entire facility, dispose and monetise certain capital assets, or secure equipment loans while assets are in transition.

Market Auctions:

Hilco-ValuStrat offers a range of different auction sales: Webcast, Online and On-Site Auctions.  By selecting the proven-best methodology or combination of methodologies, Hilco consistently delivers higher recoveries more quickly.

On-Site auctions are traditional live auctions where bidders go to the auction site and bid in person.  Webcast Auctions are live auctions that are broadcast worldwide via the Internet. Bidders can either log on via the web and bid by phone, alternatively they can physically go to the auction site and bid in person. Hilco offer bidders a unique advantage where the bidder can speak directly to the auctioneer through a live toll-free conference call when bidding. This gives bidders the feeling of being “on the auction floor” with the bidders in the room.  Finally, Online Auctions are timed sales where bidders register and compete for an item over a designated period of time. These sales are similar to Ebay auctions where no onsite bidding is offered.

 Private Treaty Sales

Certain specialised assets are best sold through face-to-face with a single potential buyer or a relatively small group of buyers with a common interest in the asset.

Our international database of buyers enables us to know who is likely to have an interest and how to contact them.  Hilco has earned the respect and trust of these buyers, so when a buyer is approached about a specialised piece of machinery, production line or complete manufacturing facility for sale, they welcome the contact and negotiate in good faith. Hilco brings a world of prospective buyers to a seller’s doorstep, effectively negotiate the best pricing and terms on behalf of the seller, and seal the deal.

Sealed Bid Sales

Certain assets yield the best recoveries when sold through a sealed-bid auction, also called a tender sale.

The nature of the assets, the Seller’s time constraints, projected market assets valuations and other factors are used by Hilco to define the auction’s structure and timing, and set minimum bid requirements. In most cases, the highest first bid is declared the winner.  Participants in a sealed-bid auction may or may not know the identities or actions of other participants and usually these sales are conducted privately between the Hilco bid coordinator and interested parties.

Hilco’s international database of buyers enables Hilco to know who has an interest in certain types of assets and how to contact them.  The technology used enables Hilco to present assets to buyers a world away and leave them feeling comfortable that they are bidding on exactly what was presented.