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Automobile & Heavy Equipment Valuations


With an increase in demand from banks and leasing companies for the independent valuation of automobiles (cars, LTV, HTV), construction equipment, trucks, trailers and other logistics related vehicles, we have an expert team of surveyors who specialise in this line of work. These experts have precise knowledge of specifications such as engine types, chassis, make, model etc., and the technical know-how to develop the correct automobile valuation reports for any requirement.

Our range of automobile valuations include:

  • Car valuations
  • LTV and HTV valuations
  • Heavy equipment valuations
  • Construction equipment valuations
  • Truck and trailer valuations
  • Other logistics related vehicle valuations

Our automobile and heavy equipment valuation reports are based on physical inspections carried out first-hand by our surveyors and facts collected during the survey. Through our proprietary iPad-based software and technology system, detailed valuation reports including photographs are provided as quickly as 3 hours from the survey. The valuations are accurately based on the factors governing the present-day market value. Moreover, we also offer the option of desk-top valuation of assets where we provide valuation of assets based on condition, life cycle, and model without physically observing the asset.

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