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ValuStrat’s 2nd investment in a UK real estate firm

Most recently, ValuStrat has acquired a shareholding in Capital Value Surveyors Limited, a UK firm specialising in real estate advisory services, including building surveys and property valuations for secured finance purposes to the banking sector. Capital Value Surveyors, an RICS Regulated Firm operating in London and the South East of England, has successfully established itself as an agile challenger to larger surveyor groups in a few years.

“This is our second acquisition in the UK over the last four years. This aligns with our strategy to enhance our presence in prominent and strategic locations worldwide. Middle East will remain our centre of excellence from where we will drive our global ambitions and goals”, said ValuStrat’s Chairman, Shahid Umerani.

“We were impressed with what the Capital Value team has achieved in a short period. The management team has consistently delivered exceptional year-on-year growth, and we are excited to partner with such a dynamic team in the next phase of our UK growth story. We are delighted to welcome them into the ValuStrat family. There is a strong nexus between the United Kingdom and the Middle East and through Capital Value, we aim to meet the growing demands of our client base in EMEA”, said ValuStrat’s Group CEO, Shahid Kazi.

“The UK remains one of the most well-established real estate markets globally and one that is consistently of interest to international investors. We are pleased to develop our presence there further, to better serve all our clients, both in the UK and the Middle East”, said Declan King, MRICS – Managing Director & Group Head of Real Estate, ValuStrat.

Sean Mansfield, MRICS – Director of Capital Value Surveyors, said, “We are delighted to partner with ValuStrat. Our team have done incredibly well in delivering consistently high year-on-year growth and believes the partnership with ValuStrat will support this growth trajectory. Their expertise and established infrastructure will help us deliver synergies and we are looking forward to exploring the various areas of collaboration.” Furthermore, Simon Jackson, MRICS – Director, Capital Value Surveyors, commented, “This partnership provides a very positive outlook. We have built up great momentum over the last few years and this should provide greater benefits for our clients and help accelerate our growth further.”

Marilyn Connell – Director, Capital Value Surveyors, said, “There are exciting times ahead for us as a Company and we will be better placed to serve our client base through enhanced capabilities and resources.”

Salonica Capital - an FCA-regulated independent investment bank headquartered in London, acted as advisor for this deal, with its Director, Othman Shoukat leading the transaction. “This acquisition will bring fantastic synergies; combining ValuStrat’s international capabilities, thought leadership and scale with Capital Value Surveyors’ exceptional management team, strong local market expertise and experience will provide great scope for market penetration and growth across the UK ”, Othman commented.