Due Diligence

Contact Point Or Field Verification Services

Field Verifications or Contact Point Verifications (CPV) are a vital part of a financial institution’s risk and credit approval process so that key information about existing or prospective clients can be verified through physical visits and conducting necessary due diligence prior to establishing a banking or lending relationship. We conduct these field visits on behalf of banks and financial institutions through our dedicated team of trained surveyors and analysts who collect and analyse all relevant data for various departments involved in different lending services including, but not limited to, SME loans, corporate loans, personal loans, auto loans and mortgage finance.


ValuStrat’s efficient field verification team supported by our powerful proprietary iPad based software Valuware enables us to deliver comprehensive CPV reports to our clients in as little as 3 hours from the time of survey. These reports are tailored to the requirements of every department within each bank. Some of the key features of our Field Verification services include:


  • Bespoke report functionality, suited to each bank’s requirements
  • 3 hour turn-around time
  • Comprehensive data analytics
  • Team is connected in real time through 4G LTE, ensuring very quick geographic reach
  • Dedicated call centre to ensure quick and efficient scheduling of field visits
  • Various electronic and physical quality control checks to ensure maximum data reliability
  • Supplemental visits to warehouses and branch offices of banks’ clients for additional verification if required
  • Field visits and surveys can be planned or unannounced, as required by the bank
  • Proactive alert in the event of any suspicious activities
  • Provision to integrate with existing back-end process
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