Facility Condition Assessment

Asset Advisory services such as Conditional Assessment and Valuation of the existing assets including buildings, utilities, infrastructure & inventory

Real Estate
IFRS Based FAR & Residual Life Analysis

Asset advisory services related to Asset Cost Allocation, Remaining Useful Life Assessment and IFRS based FAR (Fixed Asset Register) preparation of tangible assets such as building facilities, rides and various equipment

Architectural Review

Architectural review, preparation of updated drawings and building coding system

Project Monitoring

Appointment as Lender’s Independent Engineer for undertaking Project Construction Monitoring related to villa, townhouse and towers project


We provide services of the highest professional standards, required for several purposes such as Credit Facilities/Loans, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Organisational Restructuring, Dispute Resolution, Asset Management, Sales/Transfer of Assets, and Investments/Divestments. Our advice supports the occupational, investment and management decisions of investors, occupiers, lenders and developers in dynamic markets.

ValuStrat has a joint venture with Hilco to offer asset disposal services for industrial assets in the middle east region. Hilco is the world’s largest, most experienced, multi-class industrial asset disposition firm. Hilco-ValuStrat project management expertise includes all aspects of sale transactions, from sale management and global marketing, asset tracing, transportation logistics, financial reporting, payment and final reconciliation.

Darshan Shah Managing Director & Group Head, Industrial Consulting
Abdur Rahman General Manager (Information Technology & CPV)
Sheraz Khan General Manager (UAE Government Relations, Autos & Heavy Equipment)

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