Terms & Conditions


Right of Refusal: ValuStrat reserves the right to refuse engagement and refund any payment made by the client, without providing specific reasons, at any point during the course of the engagement. This right is exercised at the sole discretion of ValuStrat.


Engagement Timeline: The engagement timeline of 10 working days will commence once the client submits complete information following the initial interaction with the consultant. Delays in providing complete information may extend the engagement timeline at ValuStrat's discretion.


Revision Entitlement: The client is entitled to one revision of the report. Within 3 working days of draft report submission, the client is required to provide feedback. The consultant will incorporate the feedback and deliver the final report within 3 working days thereafter.


Confidentiality: Both parties acknowledge and agree to maintain strict confidentiality regarding any proprietary, sensitive, or confidential information shared during the course of the engagement. This obligation remains in effect beyond the termination of this engagement.


Consultation Protocol: The engagement includes two virtual meetings with the consultant. The first meeting will occur after the client submits information via email or the designated portal. The second meeting will take place following the submission of the draft report. The interactions will be solely conducted in a virtual format.


The client hereby confirms and agrees to the terms of the engagement of ValuStrat Consulting, FZCo. in accordance with the terms of this Engagement Letter.


By engaging with ValuStrat, the client signifies their acceptance of these terms and conditions, which collectively form a binding agreement between the client and ValuStrat.

I accept the Terms & Conditions


I am a business with revenues of less than or equal to USD 5Mn
I am not operating in a war-stricken or disputed country
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