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A combination of intensified globalization brought on by recent turbulence in the global economy and the acceleration of new information technologies is driving companies and governments to look for new business models to meet increased demands for efficiency, competitiveness, short-term agility and long-term growth.

Strategic Planning

We work with companies to address uncertainty of future prospects and risk management.

Opportunities and threats abound in macro- and micro-economic trends that, when analyzed and interpreted correctly, can form compelling, powerful and responsive strategies.

ValuStrat’s broad range of strategic planning services and capabilities can help companies develop long-term, robust, scenario-based strategies that can help accelerate their transformation into high-performance businesses. Our professionals have extensive experience helping organizations address all the key aspects of strategic planning:

  • Market analysis, which illuminates economic and political trends, industry and competitor factors and key value drivers.
  • Scenario analysis, which explores a limited set of future market scenarios based on the market analysis.
  • Opportunity identification, which reveals innovative and attractive business opportunities in the future market.
  • Internal analysis, which uncovers distinctive capabilities, market focus and positioning, and performance anatomy that can drive high performance.
  • Strategy formulation, which provides strategic direction designed for the future, taking into account market opportunities, internal capabilities and future financial performance.
  • Organizational alignment, which translates strategy into action, providing a high-level roadmap of the realization process.
  • Financial modelling, which predicts future financial performance of a given strategic direction, including net present value and future shareholder value.
Mergers & Acquisitions

High-performance businesses are constantly searching for ways to renew their portfolio of businesses to protect existing markets and enter new ones.

Merging with, or acquiring, an existing company is one of the key ways that such companies realize their growth goals.

ValuStrat provides a suite of business strategy services that can help companies identify M&A targets that will support their growth strategies. We help create a road map to mitigate risk and achieve the projected benefits—while allowing the organization to concentrate on its normal day-to-day business.

Because our pre-deal processes are highly efficient and can be scaled up or down according to the size of the potential deal, clients are able to align their pre-deal expenditures more effectively with the value they ultimately hope to generate from the transaction.

Marketing and Market Entry Strategies

The forces of globalization and economic volatility are transforming the dynamics of customer interaction, presenting even the most successful organizations with new challenges and opportunities.

Globalization is spurring competition and transforming market economics. New sources of competition—from virtually every part of the world—are eroding already weakened bonds of customer loyalty.

Rapid commoditization and extreme price pressure are undermining traditional sources of differentiation. Changing consumer values—in addition to entirely new consumer segments emerging in the world’s developing economies—present new sources of growth, along with new challenges to delivering satisfying, profitable customer experiences.

We are also the preferred consultants for many clients entering the Middle Eastern markets, with new products, brands or services. Our deep-rooted presence in the Middle East along with strong market knowledge and connections make us an ideal partner for new market entry strategies and business plan formation and evaluations.

Growth Strategy Planning

ValuStrat research has shown that high-performance businesses continuously invest in profitable growth programs in all economic climates.

At ValuStrat, we partner with our clients to develop and execute growth strategies through a combination of:

  • Introducing new products and services
  • Entering new customer segments
  • Expanding into new geographies

We help clients formulate their growth ambition and then identify, qualify and select the best ways to convert the most compelling growth ideas into revenue, market share and competitive advantage.


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