Valuations and Appraisals

Reinstatement Valuation

A specialist service provided by ValuStrat, where our experts carry out a valuation to cover the reinstatement cost of properties for insurance and accounting purposes, establishing rebuild and demolition costs and fees.

The right insurance valuation ensures that our clients have enough cover to rebuild the property if the worst happens. From ‘one-off’ houses to ‘portfolio’ valuations, our team of experts whose decades of experience ensures that in one-off instructions or annual reviews, economies of scale are applied, quick turnarounds are achieved and accuracy in terms of real build costs remains a constant.

As part of our reinstatement valuation service, we carry out a site visit, measure the floor areas of the buildings from existing floors plans and calculate the cost of the reinstatement. These costs are project-specific and are based on our experience and in-house cost information database.

We undertake reinstatement cost valuations for industries, property owners, facility management companies / Owners Association Management (OAMs) as well as insurance companies / brokers and lenders to confirm that any particular property is adequately and suitably insured against loss and damage and the usual perils such as fire, escape of water and subsidence.  Moreover, we work alongside our advisory, project management, and real estate teams to ensure our clients benefit from the widest and deepest fields of excellence. Our team of RICS-qualified & TAQEEM compliant surveyors cover the whole of Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia including UAE, KSA, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, India and other countries having hands-on experience with multi-sector and multi-asset type assignments related to hotels, commercial, healthcare and retail, as well as other sectors.

Our capabilities include reinstatement valuations for:

  • Residential – Villas, apartment blocks, and other domestic dwellings
  • Assembly – Educational establishments, sports pavilions, sports stadiums, museums and art galleries, etc.
  • Entertainment – Conference halls, exhibition and leisure centres, restaurants, cafes, snack bars, theatres, cinemas and concert halls, etc.
  • Industrial – Any factory involved in the manufacturing, processing, repairing, of goods or materials etc.
  • Hospitals – All types of hospitals, medical centres and clinics.
  • Offices
  • Retail and Commercial units – Premises used for shopping including individual retail units, malls, shopping centres, commercial centres etc.
  • Storage Facilities and Warehouses – Premises used for storage and warehousing of goods and materials.
  • Multi-Storey Car Parks – Above and below ground parking facilities.

We provide reinstatement valuation services for all types of real estate assets in London and its Home Counties through our wholly owned group entity, Capital Chartered – RICS Regulated Chartered Surveying firm in the UK. Capital Chartered was founded in 2009 and has established an excellent reputation in the market over the last 12 years for providing accurate professional advice across its service range to 4,000+ clients comprising of lending institutions, wealth managers, solicitors, private individuals and many others.