Valuations and Appraisals

ValuStrat’s independent valuation and appraisal services provide crucial near term and long term market value data.

Whether your goal is to determine the market value of business assets, real estate valuations, convert those assets to cash or enhance their overall worth to your organization, ValuStrat can provide the right information to facilitate sound decision-making.  Providing comprehensive specifically written valuations reports of an international standard and our experience spans all sectors of industry and business.

We offer the best information gathering systems at site followed by extensive post survey research, through our offices in Dubai, London, Riyadh, Jeddah, Riyadh Karachi and Doha.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Leisure and Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Development
  • Healthcare and Educational

The meticulous calculations and consolidation of facts are then compiled by our valuation consultants into a comprehensive report that is both objective and incisive, presenting a thorough and clear analysis. Our expertise in this field spans all sectors of industry and business and we have conducted survey ranging from simple market value determination to high technical replacement cost derivation for complex operation such as chemical industries, cement, petroleum and petrochemicals.

Our clients in Dubai, London, Riyadh, Jeddah, Karachi and Doha can take confidence from the ‘Regulated by RICS’ mark as an assurance of the quality of our firm’s surveying services. The benefits of this status include:

  • Ethical Approach –  We operate to standards set out in RICS’ Rules of Conduct (monitored by RICS Regulation) and are committed to providing a service of the highest quality and professionalism
  • Protection – We hold appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)
  • Security – Our Clients have the comfort of knowing we have clear and transparent procedures in place to help resolve any complaints as fairly and efficiently as possible
  • Client care – We regularly update our skills and knowledge to ensure Clients receive the best possible service

Our certified valuers are geared towards providing sound valuation advice for the following as well:

  • IFRS Accounting Compliance
  • Acquisition and Disposal
  • Financial and Tax Reporting
  • Audit
  • Loan Security
  • Debt and Loan Valuation
  • Unit Pricing
  • Sales and Acquisitions
  • Fund-raising
  • Fire Insurance
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Flotations and Securitisations
  • Appraisal Review and Management
  • Banking (Loan Security)
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution
  • Investment Analysis
  • Litigation and Compensation
  • Portfolio Calculation
  • Takeovers and Mergers
  • Single Asset Valuation

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