Valuations and Appraisals

Insurance Valuations

We utilise our core competence in real estate valuations, plant and machinery valuations to offer valuation services to the insurance industry. Our long standing experience, professional expertise (RICS certified and TAQEEM compliant valuers) and deep knowledge in the field of insurance valuations makes us ideally suited to provide this specialised service that is a key requirement of most insurance companies.

Insurance companies often use unprofessional means to estimate the value of assets for insurance purposes, resulting in either insufficient coverage or over insurance and excessive premiums. Both situations are unwarranted and can be avoided by providing accurate and more relevant valuation analysis. Unprofessional assessments may prove inadequate to replace equipment currently in use, especially for older firms who may have been indexing their figures up on a yearly basis assuming that this will cover any increase in new equipment cost prices or specialised bespoke equipment.

Many insurance companies ask for proof of the value of assets before underwriting the coverage policy. Our insurance valuations state the replacement and indemnity values of your property, machinery, equipment and other relevant assets providing you adequate coverage and peace of mind without extra costs and at the same time satisfying the requirements of the insurance companies. Insurance Valuations also confirm casualty insurance coverage is adequate to rebuild the property in event of a casualty.

It may be worth considering a valuation when machinery is older to ensure the correct level of cover and as part of your due diligence process when renewing the policy. The valuation can avoid averages being applied in the event of a claim and can speed up the negotiations with loss adjusters which may accelerate the settlement and reduce the business interruption claim.

Our valuers will inspect the assets, consider all the relevant factors which govern the insurance values and write up a comprehensive, independent and professional valuation report.

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